European Cyber Security Month: E-mail remains a high security risk

10. November, 2020

Current cyber security incidents are keeping the entire industry in turmoil and reflect increased activity by cyber criminals. Primarily well-organized groups are using the pandemic for targeted attacks on companies. The cyber attacks on Garmin[1], the Swatch Group[2] and Software AG[3] have become known, for example. The damages, mostly caused by the use of ransomware, are in the millions. Long-term consequences such as damage to image and reputation, which could affect future customer relations, are not yet considered in this figure and in many cases are not even foreseeable.

“Cyber-Scams” as a topic at the European Cyber Security Month 2020

Fraud attempts such as phishing or the targeted misuse of business e-mail communication are still one of the most important gateways into companies. Attackers often work in a highly networked manner and with adapted methods and technologies in order to gain access to internal systems via a found vulnerability. The targeted sending of e-mails to steal information or even set off an entire chain of attacks is very common. The ECSM2020 (European Cyber Security Month 2020) would like to further raise awareness of this topic in order to better understand and detect threats. After all, as the first link in the chain, humans are still an important factor in fending off cyber-attacks.

How well do you recognize phishing mails?

Possible attack vectors via e-mail communication are multi-layered and give cyber criminals a wide scope of action. Prevention and risk reduction therefore comprise combined precautions such as employee sensitization together with technical measures. Simple phishing via e-mail, for example, can be used to extract internal information. Other methods are designed to entice the user to click on links or open attachments that execute complex, hard-to-find damage routines. Within the ECSM2020, a practical phishing test was set up, which does not demonstrate by dry theory, but allows practical application without risk. What about your security fitness, how well are you prepared for such dangers?

Start the free phishing test here:

Interim results show that men click on phishing emails almost twice as often as women and younger participants almost three times as often as older ones. [5]

Indispensable line of defence: a reliable email security solution

Practical experience and this test clearly show: A practicable security solution that provides additional protection for your electronic corporate communication is currently indispensable – regardless of whether it is spam or personally addressed messages containing malware, harmful links or infected files.

IKARUS offers efficient protection mechanisms against known and new malware as well as complex disguised attacks on your systems. The special advantage of this solution is the scalable implementation of the signature-free multi-sandbox approach, which enables additional and efficient security checks by FireEye and other manufacturers. Only data that is not clearly classified as harmless or harmful in the first pass is checked. This targeted use also allows small and medium-sized companies affordable access to highly professional security measures and the highest possible level of protection!

Link tipp: Email security with ATP option

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