Privacy Policy IKARUS

This Privacy Statement outlines the information IKARUS Security Software GmbH („IKARUS“)will collect and how we will use and protect that information.

The protection of your personal information is very important to us and a matter we take extremely seriously.

1. elevation, processing and use of personal data

1.1.We only collect personal data (IMEI, e-mail adress) if you download the app and accept the data protection declaration. For providing our services, we may collect, store and use the following Information related to you.

1.2.We monitor installed apps, in order to scan these for malware and evaluate their permissions. The list of installed applications and their permissions is used only locally and is never shared.

1.3. The browser history can optionally be monitored to protect against malicious websites.

1.4. We collect this information to verify that copies of our product are legitimate, and not counterfeit. Also, we may use e-mail addresses associated with Social Media Accounts on your device. In addition this information is also used to be displayed in the connected web application the users may opt in for.

1.5. Furthermore we use the collected data to inspect the local browsing history and to check, if the user visits malicious websites in order to prevent this in that case. These data are not being transmitted to IKARUS.

1.6. Error Log Uploading: Software will upload the error log on the users consent to help improving and supporting our software and services.

1.7. In case of cloud configuration and administration we also communicate devices and application version information (Android OS and IKARUS app versions).

1.8. We transfer geo-information to our server (or to another telephone number) if the user chooses a cloud configuration beforehand (or a remote maintenance for the device). The cloud configuration supports the localization of the phone, however is not being analyzed otherwise and is not active by default.

1.9. Information about malicious apps are transmitted to us, but anonymized immediately.

1.10. Your personal data is not linked or aligned with other data, but is only used for producing the services, you requested.

1.11. This data privacy statement applies to apps and services, which belong to IKARUS and are being carried on by us. IKARUS processes the personal data on our servers in Austria and other countries. In some cases we process the personal data on servers outside your country. Potentially we process the personal data to offer you our service.

1.12. In order to process possible enquiries or to answer your questions, e-mails and other notifications can be saved by IKARUS to improve our services.

1.13. We will not use your data for purposes of advertising , market or opinion research without your consent.

2. dissemination of data

2.1. Data which you provide or which was collected by us or which was automatically recorded is only submitted to third parties as far as we are legally obliged to do so or according to a judges decision or the transfer is required in case of attacks to the internet infrastructure of IKARUS to prosecute rights or law enforcement. A transfer for other non commercial or commercial purposes does not take place.

3. data security

3.1. IKARUS will use the current techniques and follow organizational preventive measures to prevent your from us administrated data from accidentally or deliberate manipulations, loss, destruction and against access from unauthorized people. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological progress. However we cannot ensure protection of data against intercepting, illegal use, abuse or change as well as against accidental disclosure or acces or against unauthorised actions by third parties.

4. links to other providers

4.1. Our website can contain links to other providers and links to our social media offers. This data privacy statement applies to services, which belong to IKARUS and are are carried on by us. We do not exercise control over the links from within our services. We do not have responsibility, if these providers or operators of social media platforms observe statutory data protection provisions.

5. amendments of the data protection declaration

5.1. We reserve the right to modify the privacy declaration in accordance with current privacy policy legal regulations, at any time. If we make significant modifications, which affect the usage or the disclosure of your personal data, we will make all reasonable endeavors to inform you about the modifications and give you the possibility of a revocation of your consent to data processing.

6. right to information and right of revocation

6.1. Upon request IKARUS will at any time inform you of your stored personal data, free of charge. You may at any time have the data, which have been collected by us, blocked, corrected or deleted. You may also at any time and without giving any reason revoke the consent you have given us to collect and use the data. Please send an email to

7. validity of the declaration

7.1. By using our app, you expressly consent to the storage and use of your data described in this declaration. This privacy statement is valid directly and replaces previous declarations.


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