Technological partnership at eye level

An IKARUS success story.

Securepoint is the German market leader in developing professional Unified Threat Management solutions (solutions combining different security tasks on one platform) and the most significant global manufacturer in the cloud sector. The focus is on professional security and applications that bring practical added value.

Jörg Hohmann

Jörg Hohmann, Director of Strategic Accounts & Marketing at Securepoint

Past partnerships with renowned antivirus manufacturers have not led to the desired success: Too much was about access to the more than 3,200 Securepoint specialist dealers and too little about the joint strategy. In 2016, the perfect partner was found in the Austrian company IKARUS Security Software. “For us, it is essential to strive for a win-win situation in a partnership where the atmosphere also fits,” says Jörg Hohmann, Director of Strategic Accounts & Marketing at Securepoint, summarising the decision in favour of IKARUS.

From the beginning, the cooperation has worked both on a technical and personal level. This is shown by the numerous mutual visits and meetings from the managing director level to the operational areas of both companies.

“We share the common goal of developing secure and fast technologies that enable a professional level of protection for all companies without hindering operational work,” says IKARUS COO Christian Fritz: “And we share the joy of successful teamwork!”

Securepoint Antivirus Pro is number 1 in the user ranking

The joint projects prove that IKARUS and Securepoint are pulling together technologically. IKARUS developed the client and backend systems for Securepoint Antivirus Pro and IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud, while Securepoint programmed the management portal. A secure programming interface enables the IKARUS servers to communicate with the Securepoint systems so that licensing can be carried out easily with the company’s internal billing system, and the solution can be used via Securepoint’s partner portal.

The development teams of the two companies exchange information almost daily and coordinate the joint roadmaps. The Securepoint support team reports immediately to IKARUS if necessary. This speed of reaction guarantees an absolute competitive advantage. The users agree. Securepoint Antivirus Pro was awarded the “techconsult Professional User Rating 2021” in the category Endpoint Security: More than 2,000 users voted and chose Securepoint Antivirus Pro as the champion!

Strong detection rates and performance

Anti-virus protection is considered standard in every company today. There are two basic requirements: Performance and a strong detection rate. The IKARUS scan.engine, integrated into Securepoint Antivirus Pro, is fundamentally responsible for both. The IKARUS scan.engine works with highly developed, powerful scanning technologies to analyse the content of the most diverse types.

“Our goal was always to develop one of the fastest engines on the market. Slow computers inhibit the enjoyment of work, lead to frustration and – if that solves the problem – to the deactivation of virus protection. We wanted to solve this problem. And with the IKARUS scan.engine we succeeded. Our system is one of the fastest on the international market!” reports Christian Fritz.

Another unique feature of the IKARUS scan.engine is the multi-architecture support for different platforms such as Linux, Windows and Android – ideal prerequisites for the very heterogeneous Securepoint customer structure. And even without an internet connection, excellent detection rates are achieved on all systems.

Jörg Hohmann summarises the advantages: “What excites us about the IKARUS scan.engine is, in short, the performance. The engine does exactly what it is supposed to do: it scans for malware – without bloated features.”

Securepoint primarily addresses end customers in the DACH region via an extensive partner network of specialist dealers. The great benefit for these customers is that they work with uniform interfaces. They also receive everything in the area of service and support from a single source. They particularly appreciate “that the support speaks German and the trained specialists are based in Germany”, says Jörg Hohmann. Currently, more than 250,000 active IT solutions licences are in use, with an upward trend despite the saturated market.

Distribution via an extensive partner network

Securepoint distributes its solutions through more than 3,200 specialised trade partners, mainly located in Germany. The main target group is the small and medium-sized market. While many market competitors focus on the enterprise segment with a few IT contacts and large projects, Securepoint’s most significant customer group consists of companies with one to ten employees. Typical of this is professional groups such as doctors, tax consultants, auditors or lawyers. Due to legal requirements, many of these customers have particularly high demands on IT security and data protection. A well-functioning service and manufacturer support is the prerequisite for sustainable cooperation. This is the only way to optimally fulfil the high-security requirements of the customers at all times.

What does using Antivirus Pro as an endpoint solution mean for the security of workstations and servers in practice? WORTMANN AG, the strategic partner of Securepoint, explains: “With Securepoint Antivirus, we have comprehensive protection that is necessary for every workplace. The integration of the software client is simple and quick. The protection is comprehensive and always up-to-date. The integration was possible with minimal effort.” For more information on this case study, visit

Numerous honours and awards

In addition to those mentioned earlier, techconsult Professional User Rating 2021, in which Securepoint achieved the highest rating in almost all sub-areas in the competitive comparison, the company also emerged as the winner in the user survey conducted by the trade magazine Channelpartner and the market research agency Context as “Best Manufacturer Security” in the DACH region. The study’s results and the awarding of prizes in a total of 13 manufacturers and five distribution categories with over 2,300 resellers surveyed is one of the most extensive surveys in the channel worldwide. They are an essential assessment of the current situation and important decision-making aid for manufacturers and distributors. These current awards from neutral bodies encourage Securepoint and IKARUS to continue on their chosen path.

IT security as a common challenge

The central task of an endpoint security solution is to find malicious code and prevent it from penetrating a computer network. New technologies play an essential role in this context and must be used in order to be able to guarantee a high level of security in the future. This is the only way to keep pace with cyber attackers and their attack vectors and, in the best case, to think one step ahead. The scan engines are being supplied with data from the data centre ever more quickly through technical innovations because this time is perhaps decisive for the protection of a network in the case of an attack.

With its partner IKARUS, Securepoint wants to design and implement IT security hand in hand. In order to ensure the optimal use of the products, there are partner and training programmes with a focus on permanent further training for system houses and resellers. The prerequisite for obtaining certifications is the successful completion of related training courses. Jörg Hohmann concludes: “The combination of first-class technology, knowledge and innovative concepts, which we constantly develop with our partners, is reflected in our Unified Security strategy.”


IT Security

IKARUS scan.engine

About Securepoint GmbH

As a German manufacturer of IT security solutions, Securepoint focuses on the multi-layered concept of unified security, i.e. comprehensive and holistic IT security. Customers and partners appreciate the mix of reliable strategies, secure products and innovative training. With Unified Security, the manufacturer protects small and medium-sized enterprises, public authorities, and institutions against complex threats. Worldwide, over 90,000 networks are already protected against cyber attacks and malware. Securepoint stands for the TeleTrust trust marks “IT Security made in Germany” and “IT Security made in Europe”. Self-developed solutions are guaranteed free of backdoors, i.e. technical backdoors. Securepoint has already received several awards as a manufacturer for its solutions.

Further IKARUS success stories

Volksschule Ried

primary school 2 Ried im Innkreis

Three educational institutions in Ried im Innkreis have one thing in common: they use IKARUS anti.virus as malware protection for their servers and Windows workstations.


"In the event of an incident, every minute counts. The sooner you can get started with targeted measures, the better," Peter Lechner recalls the situation at the time: "Already on the first day after the attack at night, there was a professionally organised crisis meeting with the experts from IKARUS and Mandiant, and we didn't have to wait two or three days for something to happen."
Logo KSV1870

KSV1870 – Austrias leading Creditor Protection Association

“When making the selection decision, it was particularly important for us to find a partner who is ideally located in geographical proximity, has many years of expert know-how and has a globally active partner in the backend. After extensive evaluation, the decision was finally made in favour of XY”, says Thomas Hämmerle.
A1 Digital

A1 Digital – An IKARUS success story.

"In our search for a suitable partner for the essential topic of cyber security, we quickly came across IKARUS Security Software. The already proven cooperation with A1 turned out to be the ideal basis for the desired security platform," Thomas Snor, Director Security at A1 Digital, describes the first steps.


"The challenges for the IT infrastructure are complex because round-the-clock operation is necessary in care. Also the requirements for availability are high."


The partnerships with Nozomi Networks, the technology leader in IT/OT security, and Trellix (formerly FireEye) in collaboration with Mandiant, the market leader in threat intelligence and incident response, combined with the overall know-how and local support of IKARUS, results in a well-rounded total package.


"With IKARUS with ATP, DerMann has a solution that recognizes and blocks spam, malware, dangerous URLs and harmful attachments before they can penetrate the system and cause damage."

Linz University of the Arts

“What counts for us is reaction speed, little effort on our part and the best possible output. It is not the cheapest bidder that gets a chance with us, but the best bidder: We value the professionalism, availability and problem-free communication with the IKARUS team!”
Merkur Versicherung

Merkur Versicherung takes a bold step into the future

„We know each other by now and we appreciate the professional cooperation.“ Robert Picher, Head of IT at Merkur Versicherung
Suzuki Austria

Suzuki Austria

“We are using Mobile Device Management for the first time and quality, reliability and security are particularly important to us," says Gerhard Eber, ICT Manager at SUZUKI AUSTRIA.

ÖAMTC – FireEye/IKARUS Security Software

“In the end, the decision was made, knowing that the comprehensive know-how of the internationally active group FireEye was combined with IKARUS as a regional partner for implementation and service.“ Christoph Pertl, IT Security Officer at ÖAMTC
Motormobil - Ford4you


“Due to the many systems running in parallel, permanent monitoring of the entire chain is a priority to be able to react quickly if something is not running correctly!” Gerhard Lochner, IT Manager of Motormobil
Wittmann Battenfeld


“IKARUS Security Software reacts extremely quickly to local threats and has thus already saved us from countless attacks – it is a fixed component of our security concept”. Ing. Janusz Russocki, Head of IT at WITTMANN Group

OPSWAT: Simultaneous Anti-Malware-Engines

“Since the partnership started, we were continually very happy with the IKARUS scan.engine”, Vinh Lam, OPSWAT´s Senior Software Engineer
Landesschulrat NÖ

Lower Austria Regional School Board

Helmut Neumayr, MSc, specialist in the area of information technology for the LSR NÖ, is convinced of the overall solution: “The total costs per school could be reduced despite the higher quality, while at the same time reducing complexity and improving support.“
Steyr Arms Logo


The trigger for the decision to work with IKARUS was an acute incident in which the antivirus solution used at the time did not take effect and did not strike either the gateway or the client. One of the few solutions that was ultimately effective was from IKARUS. The cooperation with IKARUS and the service worked very well.
Egger Glas

Egger Glas Insulating and Safety Glass Production

“Our most important criterion for email traffic was a reliable and proven sandbox solution that checks and filters all emails before they reach our mail server. “ Bernhard Posch, Head of IT at Egger Glas GmbH

Cumulo – nimbusec website security monitor

“With IKARUS we have a clear benefit for nimbusec and we benefit also from the long experience of the Austrian company”, says Dipl.-Ing. Marin Leonhartsberger, CEO of Cumulo GmbH.
Computertechnik Wenger & Partner

Computertechnik Wenger & Partner

"IKARUS Security Software covers all our needs in this area and makes this task extremely easy for us with one contact person for all questions!” Michael Haitzmann, managing director Computertechnik Wenger & Partner OG


"With IKARUS I know that they tick in the same way, speak the same language and think as we do." Günter Großschädl, Head of IT Operations
Bad Radkersburg

Bad Radkersburg

Andreas Puntigam, IT manager of the municipality of Bad Radkersburg, knows that an operational 24/7 support can only be achieved with reliable partners: "Externally, we rely on one partner for the entire server landscape, for example, as well as for the firewall." The municipality of Bad Radkersburg has been working with the leading Austrian provider IKARUS Security Software on the important issue of IT security since 2010.
A1 Telekom

A1 Telekom

“IKARUS Security Software provides high-quality security solutions which have been customized for our specific needs. The company staff are a group of highly trained and diligent experts which have an excellent communication style. They are punctual, responsive and highly skilled in terms of technical support which makes our day to day operations and interactions with our end customers much easier.” Thomas Schmidt, MBA MSc, A1 Security Services, A1 Telekom Austria AG
Triburg Freight Services

Triburg Freight Services

“We were impressed by the fast reaction times and the communication style with CLOUDMIND and IKARUS”, says Madhu Kurup, IT-Administrator at TFS


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