Cloud Security Services for enhanced IT security

Antivirus programs, e-mail security, mobile management – the cloud security services from IKARUS can be conveniently controlled via an intuitive web portal.

On the one hand, the SaaS cyber security solution (Saas – Software as a Service) is particularly suitable for SMEs, as it saves internal efforts and resources.

On the other hand, the multi-client capability and scalability of the solutions support enterprises and IT partners in the simple management of several organisations or locations.

IKARUS Cloud Security Services – Software as a Services (SaaS)

Immediately ready for use and available at any time: Cloud security services do not need to be installed and maintained in-house. Instead, the services are accessible online via a web interface, so no new hardware or expertise is required for setup and operation.

With single sign-on, the IKARUS Portal provides easy and fast access to various cloud-based cyber security services for email security, anti-virus protection for Windows computers and servers as well as for the secure management of mobile devices in corporate environments. This way, you benefit from powerful solutions, maximum scalability and easy handling with minimal use of resources.

Get your own impression of the and the product features with the test user and password Demo123?.

  • Central access to the security solutions for client, email & mobile

  • Simple administration of multiple organisations, licences and users

  • Optimised usability, performance and information overview

  • Location-independent, flexible work without specialist knowledge or training

  • No installation and no maintenance costs

  • Support in German and English directly from the manufacturer

  • Secure operation in an ISO-certified data centre

  • EU-GDPR compliant data processing in AT/DE

Email security with content filter and Advanced Threat Protection

Secure E-Mail Gateway inkl. Sandboxing

IKARUS with ATP (Advanced Threat Protection)

Screenshot des Dashboards von IKARUS im Light-Mode

IKARUS Product Features

IKARUS filters and blocks all incoming and outgoing e-mails for malware, spam, malicious codes, zero-days, links to harmful websites and other threats in more than seconds. The only requirements are an internet connection and a dedicated email domain. After adjusting the MX records, the data traffic is routed via the ISO-certified IKARUS data centre in Vienna in a DSGVO-compliant manner and cleaned there so that cyber threats do not reach your networks in the first place.

To protect against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), data sets without determined results can be run in sandbox environments and subjected to advanced analyses. This way, companies are also protected against customised unknown attacks and ransomware attacks. In addition, the Advanced URL Defense feature with advanced link analysis brings double protection against phishing attempts and infected websites both during email delivery and directly when the link is clicked. In addition, the Advanced URL Defense feature with advanced link analysis brings double protection against phishing attempts and infected websites both during email delivery and directly when the link is clicked.

Screenshot des Dashboards von IKARUS im Dark-Mode

Optimised client management

The IKARUS Portal, which has been reprogrammed from the ground up and has a modern design, has been optimised for performance on the one hand and usability on the other: this means that even non-experts can use the portal transparently and quickly.

Admins of branched IT structures as well as IT partner companies that support several customers benefit especially from the simple organisation management. This allows you to switch between the settings and products of different organisations or licences with just one click.

For each organisation, any number of users can be created with individual language and design settings as well as different authorisation levels – from administrator to customer technician to read-only user. In addition, all activities are logged in the IKARUS portal so that configuration adjustments can be transparently tracked under logs.

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Anti-virus Solution with central client management in the cloud

Endpoint Security Solution for windows workstations and server

IKARUS anti.virus in the Cloud

Endpoint Security Solution for windows workstations and server

Screenshot des Dashboards von IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud im IKARUS Portal

IKARUS anti.virus Product Features

IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud offers on-access and on-demand malware scans for Windows end devices and servers.  Besides, it continuously monitors all downloads as well as read and write accesses. IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud detects harmful and suspicious files using multi-stage analysis processes, blocks them and renders them harmless.

Infections can be viewed and cleaned up both locally on the client and in the management portal. An optional FastDiff stream provides real-time updates for detecting the latest malware variants and outbreaks.

All anti-virus features – malware scans, database updates, quarantine functions, system monitoring… – are available both locally on the end device and remotely in the IKARUS portal.

Management via the cloud enables decentralised organisation and fast, flexible reactions to changes or incidents. Malware scans take place directly on the end device: No files are sent to the cloud and the devices are protected even without an internet connection. Admins can enforce compliance with central security guidelines with password protection for the program settings.

Screenshot der Geräteübersicht im Management-Portal von IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud

Anti-virus Management in the Cloud

The IKARUS anti.virus dashboard in the IKARUS portal provides all data and information on the current security status of the linked end devices – independent of location and network. In addition, the device and update status is mapped, an action log is logged and licence management is facilitated.

Clients can be assigned to groups to distinguish between different areas, locations or even departments. Configuration profiles simplify the roll-out and management of new clients.

Flexible e-mail notifications take over the ongoing control and warning of detected threats, outdated systems, insufficient security status or the uninstallation of the anti-virus client.

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Mobile Device Management for the secure use of mobile devices in corporate environments

Enterprise Mobility Solution incl. Malware Protection


Screenshot des Dashboards von IKARUS

IKARUS Product Features

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) IKARUS enables the central administration and protection of mobile devices.

In addition to classic device management, the complete solution offers numerous options for managing applications and security features as well as options for securely accessing company data. In this way, IKARUS protects devices and data from unplanned and unwanted external access as well as from the loss of data, knowledge and company secrets.

Rollout and system integration are also quick and easy. This noticeably reduces the workload of IT departments.

Screenshot des App-Managements im Cloud-Portal von IKARUS

GDPR requirements for mobile devices

All companies that work with data of EU citizens must also comply with suitable organisational and technical security requirements for mobile devices according to the state of the art.

IKARUS enables you to fully comply with EU data protection requirements on all mobile devices with access to your corporate network – even in BYOD or COPE models. You receive an up-to-date inventory of all managed end devices as well as control over mobile access to company resources.

In addition, individual access rules as well as remote configuration of mobile devices enable the reliable implementation of your company policies across all systems.

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Cloud Security Services by our Technology Partners

Cybereason Endpoint Security and Trellix Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Harmony Mobile by Check Point

Screenshot des Discovery boards in Cybereason Endpoint Security

Mobile security for your corporate devices and remote users

Smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of everyday working life. Mobile devices are not only used in the home office to support or supplement daily work but are standard equipment in many professions and industries.

This makes it even more important to secure these devices to prevent gateways into the corporate network and unwanted access to corporate data or applications.  Malware, hacker attacks and vulnerabilities on smartphones and tablets need to be detected and blocked immediately.

Trellix Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Trellix Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Combined defences for efficient endpoint security processes

Trellix Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) It combines multiple engines to analyse and defend against cyber threats. Preconfigured responses enable immediate response to security breaches.

Trellix EDR helps manage large numbers of alerts and enables analysts of all skill levels to investigate more alerts more efficiently. Unique to Trellix EDR is Trellix Insights*, a unique technology that proactively prioritises threats, predicts whether your countermeasures will stop the threat, and specifies exactly what to do if they do not.

With IKARUS as your system integrator, you benefit from…

  • local data processing in the IKARUS data centre in Vienna or on-premise
  • technical and practical expertise in cyber defence, incident response, threat hunting
  • strong partnerships for the highest quality of customer support
  • smart system integration and local technical support

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