Advanced security technologies from the cloud


Available immediately and at any time: With the Managed Security Services from IKARUS, you can save yourself time-and costly consuming hardware purchases as well as technical knowledge. We protect your end devices, email gateways and mobile devices with our powerful cloud services.

As a FireEye Platinum Partner, we have also implemented FireEye’s hardware and security services in the areas of Endpoint Protection, Network Protection, Mail Security and Security Operations Center in the IKARUS data centre. Benefit from global threat intelligence with local data processing in Austria!

IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud

Central Antivirus-Management in the Cloud

IKARUS anti.virus Business


  • Web-based management console to manage clients, software and licences
  • Proactive and reactive malware detection with a multidimensional process, behavioural analysis and exploit detection
  • Malware scans directly on the computer; no data transmitted to the cloud
  • Virus warnings and flexible notifications of defined events
  • Virus database updates several times a day, including regular program updates
  • User-friendly cloud management portal for administration of all installations

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Mobility solutions for corporate environments


IKARUS is a comprehensive solution for private and mobile devices in corporate environments.

  • Protection against infections, data loss and unauthorized access
  • Simple and scalable implementation of company policies even on private devices
  • Management and overview of inventory and database
  • EU GDPR-compliant and tested in independent audits

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Email security with ATP option


IKARUS with ATP scans emails and attachments, detects and blocks malware, spam and zero day attacks, even before they reach the network.

  • Real-time protection against the latest virus and spam outbreaks
  • Highly professional multi-level antispam concept
  • Behaviour-based analyses using own simulators
  • ATP add-on: additional signature-independent analysis with sandboxes

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FireEye Mail Security

Cloud-based secure email gateway

FireEye Email Security

Strengthens the protection against targeted e-mail based cyber-attacks, by prioritizing important alerts and averting and containing security incidents on the basis of global detailed threat intelligence.

  • Blocks unauthorized access to your employees, data and resources
  • Protects against spear-phishing campaigns, attacks using false identities, unknown malware and SPAM
  • Individual classification thanks to in-house and e-mail specific threat intelligence
  • Accelerated countermeasures thanks to context information from incident response engagements

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FireEye Endpoint Security

Stop the known, find the hidden and fix the breaches that matter


FireEye Endpoint Security combines the best of legacy security products, enhanced with FireEye technology, expertise and intelligence to defend against today’s cyber attacks. FireEye uses four engines in Endpoint Security to prevent, detect and respond to a threat.

Even with the best protection, breaches are inevitable. To ensure a substantive response that minimizes business disruption, Endpoint Security provides tools to:

  • Search for and investigate known and unknown threats on tens of thousands of endpoints in minutes
  • Identify and detail vectors an attack used to infiltrate an endpoint
  • Determine whether an attack occurred (and persists) on a specific endpoint and where it spread
  • Establish timeline and duration of endpoint compromises and follow the incident
  • Clearly identify which endpoints and systems need containment to prevent further compromise

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FireEye Network Security

Effective protection against cyber breaches for midsize to large organizations

Logo FireEye Network Security

Detect threats others miss

  • Apply state of the art, signatureless detection and protection against the most advanced threats, including zero-days.
  • Combine heuristics, code analysis, statistical analysis, emulation, and machine learning in one advanced sandboxing solution.
  • Enhance detection efficacy with frontline intelligence derived on the frontlines of the world’s biggest breaches.

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