FAQs Harmony Mobile by Checkpoint

  • How does Harmony Mobile integrate with the client’s system?

    In the standalone version, the application is created as a configuration profile on the endpoint. In combination with an MDM system, the application is rolled out and configured via the enforcement policies.

  • How is it possible to secure iPhones that allow very little system intervention?

    Harmony Mobile also makes it easy to block threats on iOS. Traffic is routed through a secure VPN tunnel where it is analysed, and threats are blocked if necessary.

    There are differences between operating systems when it comes to differentiating network traffic: a distinction is made between web traffic generated by browsers and other network traffic. In the case of iOS, it is sometimes not possible to identify the exact application from which the traffic originates, but this does not affect the analysis options or the blocking of threats.

    Check Point is also in constant dialogue with Apple, Samsung Knox and other manufacturers to ensure the best possible integration with their products.

  • How does Harmony Mobile affect the battery life or performance of smartphones and tablets?

    The impact of Harmony Mobile on device performance and data consumption is minimal because resource-intensive analysis is performed in the cloud, not on the device.

    The impact on battery life is also very low, with less than 5% battery utilisation according to Check Point.

  • How is privacy protected with Harmony Mobile?

    Harmony Mobile only uses anonymised status and metadata and does not collect any personal information, always ensuring compliance with the EU GDPR.

    In addition, the MDM IKARUS mobile.management offers the highest level of security due to its European origin and hosting in Austria or on-premises.

  • What are the benefits of combining Harmony Mobile with IKARUS mobile.management?

    IKARUS mobile.management simplifies and accelerates the rollout, configuration and maintenance of the application, as MDM eliminates the need for user interaction or physical access to the devices.

    In addition, IKARUS mobile.management enables organisations to act in the event of a threat: MDM allows administrators to respond immediately to risks or threats without having to access the devices.

    IKARUS mobile.management also enables the creation of rules to automate actions and reactions.

  • Which rules can be automated when using Harmony Mobile and IKARUS mobile.management?

    IKARUS mobile.management enables the automation of mobile security from app installation to incident response management by creating rule sets.

    For example, Harmony Mobile can be automatically rolled out to all devices that have not yet installed the application. Users are informed, but do not need to take any action.

    In addition, rules can be created based on risk status, such as temporarily denying at-risk devices access to the corporate network or temporarily disabling the email account. At the same time, administrators and users are alerted to the identified risks.

    Application updates can be pushed to all devices with just a few clicks, and access to corporate resources or the email account can be automatically restored once the risk status has been resolved.

    These rules not only save IT a lot of work, but also valuable time. The risk of propagation is minimised by implementing automated responses in real time.

  • If IKARUS mobile.management is already in use and I want to add Harmony Mobile later, are there any disadvantages or restrictions?

    No, on the contrary: IKARUS mobile.management is a great advantage for a simple, fast and contactless rollout of the Harmony Mobile App. The configuration of the app can also be automated with IKARUS mobile.management.

  • Can the licences for Harmony Mobile be selected independently of the number of licences for IKARUS mobile.management?

    Yes, the licences for both products are completely independent of each other. They can be customised to meet your individual needs.

  • Who is my contact person for questions/support?

    IKARUS is your single point of contact for all issues related to IKARUS mobile.management and the Harmony Mobile by Check Point application. IKARUS also handles all coordination with Check Point.

Harmony Mobile by Check Point

Harmony Mobile by Check Point

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