Mobile security for your corporate devices and remote users

Harmony Mobile by Check Point

Smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of everyday working life. Mobile devices are not only used in the home office to support or supplement daily work but are standard equipment in many professions and industries.

This makes it even more important to secure these devices to prevent gateways into the corporate network and unwanted access to corporate data or applications.  Malware, hacker attacks and vulnerabilities on smartphones and tablets need to be detected and blocked immediately.

Harmony Mobile for easy protection of all smartphones and tablets

Harmony Mobile by Check Point protects Android and iOS devices across all attack vectors – apps and files, network, and operating system. In addition to maximum security through real-time detection and blocking of threats, companies benefit from optimal integration into MDM systems such as IKARUS This means that the rollout and management of the app can be implemented centrally and without user interaction.

Security for devices and files

Harmony Mobile detects malicious apps through behavioural analysis in a virtual cloud environment. It also detects infected downloads, phishing attacks, malicious websites and man-in-the-middle attacks. Machine learning and AI, sandboxing, code analysis and anomaly detection are among the tools used. Harmony Mobile scans apps and downloads even in offline mode, warns of detected dangers and blocks suspicious processes immediately.

Protection against vulnerabilities in the operating system

With real-time analytics, Harmony Mobile detects attacks, vulnerabilities (CVE), configuration changes, weak security settings and advanced jailbreaking and rooting techniques.

You can centrally monitor the risk assessment and security settings of your devices at any time via the Harmony Mobile Dashboard. You can also upload apps and have them threat assessed before deployment.

Seamlessly integrate Harmony Mobile with IKARUS

Seamless integration with the IKARUS MDM system enables zero-touch provisioning and central control of the app without user interaction. The risk levels of the devices can be imported into the MDM and threats can thus not only be detected, but also responded to immediately – manually or through individually definable rules.

The IKARUS team of experts will be happy to support you in implementing and setting up the app and the MDM according to your requirements!

Harmony Mobile by Check Point


  • Blocks malware downloads
  • Stopps phishing and zero-day-phishing
  • Prevents man-in-the-middle-attacks
  • Recognizes advanced jailbreaking and rooting techniques
  • Detects OS vulnerabilities (CVE) and misinformation

Advantages with Harmony Mobile:

  • Seamless cyber defence
  • Unrestricted control
  • Defence against mobile threats
  • Automatic isolation of infected devices
  • User-friendly operation

Advantages with integration with IKARUS

  • Immediate response to vulnerabilities or security incidents
  • Enables enforcement of updates and patches
  • Supports “conditional access” – access rules for infected/vulnerable devices
  • Network scanning for added security
  • Zero touch integration

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