Industrial Cyber Security and Operational Resilience – Protecting Industry and Critical Infrastructure

OT Security Technologies and Professional Services for Secure Industrial Networks

The convergence of IT and OT (Operational Technology) is creating a new technological world: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IT and OT managers are faced with the challenge of correctly and safely addressing the opportunities and risks of digitalisation and networking.

OT Security plays a crucial role in this. Effective OT Security measures not only ensure protection against cyber threats, but also strengthen operational resilience. Companies can adapt to changing conditions, overcome disruptions and ensure continuous business operations. With OT Security, a no-disruption, never-down mentality is possible to ensure smooth and secure operations.

OT Security enables secure and resilient digitalisation, automation and IT-OT convergence

With the digitalisation and automation of critical infrastructure and industrial product environments, the points of attack have multiplied. Random or targeted attacks from IT, security vulnerabilities in software and hardware, attacks from the supply chain, insider threats, misconduct, industrial espionage and infrastructure failures demand adapted protection mechanisms.

Network virtualisation and holistic risk management

Transparency is the basis for secure industrial networks, infrastructure and production. Only complete knowledge of all assets and network communication enables the efficient selection of suitable security strategies, appropriate risk management and the early detection of threats and anomalies.

Real-time monitoring and proactive threat detection

By analysing network and telemetry data from various systems, devices and protocols in real time, new technologies such as Nozomi Networks’ passive OT Security Sensors help to generate valuable information and create new insights for decision-making without affecting ongoing operations. Pre-processed and aggregated data provides you with relevant information on the status of current cyber hygiene and the current threat situation. Using Threat Intelligence, threat data and behavioural patterns can be put into a broader context and security-relevant operations can be understood and prevented at an early stage

OT Security Sensor – valuable insights and robust protection

Asset Discovery
Transparency and monitoring
Advanced Threat Detection and Defense
  • Overview of components and systems
  • Firmware versions, serial numbers and network configuration
  • Coupling to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CMDB (Configuration Management Database)
  • Transparency about communication relationships
  • Insights into network problems, bottlenecks, operational peculiarities
  • Weaknesses benchmarking
  • Guarantee, availability and reliability
  • Detection of cyber-hygiene deviations such as misconfigurations
  • Alerting of dedicated cyber threats
  • Triggering of automated interventions in case of serious attacks (defence)

„The biggest mental challenge for IT and OT practitioners is not only a rethinking,
but a new way of thinking about the entire task area.

Interdisciplinary teams including new technical equipment are needed
to jointly create a secure Industrial IoT Infrastructure in the companies. “

Herbert Dirnberger, Industrial Cyber Security Expert, IKARUS Security Software

Cyber security and network visualisation for industrial production and critical infrastructure

The increasing threat of ransomware, supply chain attacks and phishing attacks pose a serious threat to your IT systems. Vulnerable OT/IoT devices are also gateways for potential attacks. To effectively protect your business, you need an up-to-date view of assets, protocols, network traffic and vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure and production.

Guardian™ by Nozomi Networks provides visibility of production networks and early detection of cyber threats, risks and anomalies. Intelligent notifications and the ability to monitor process variables enable a targeted response to security incidents. In addition, Nozomi Networks Threat Intelligence™ provides global information and insights that are also of interest to IT, such as real-time detection of malware or vulnerabilities.

In many OT security projects, the essential question of responsibility within the company arises. Who is responsible for OT security in production and critical infrastructure, especially the CISO and IT security experts? Often the role is delegated by the operations manager. IKARUS supports you in improving your IT/OT security as well as in a Proof of Value and offers intelligent system integration into your existing Security Operations Centre. Our customers particularly appreciate our advisory calls and health checks.

Cyber security and a highly available operation for energy suppliers and utilities

In today’s digital world, utilities face ever-increasing cyber security challenges. Threats are constantly increasing, and high-quality solutions are needed to protect critical infrastructure and its availability.

The OT Security Sensor Guardian™ by Nozomi Networks is a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of utilities, supporting key protocols such as IEC 61870, IEC 61850 and many more, as well as the creation and maintenance of asset inventories. The security of your protocols and a detailed knowledge of the infrastructure and associated devices are essential to identify potential vulnerabilities and take targeted security measures.

IKARUS helps you plan and implement your cybersecurity strategy and meet your EU NIS/NIS2 compliance requirements with appropriate technologies and services. You gain real-time insights into your device and network communications, centrally monitor the behaviour of your global assets for threats or anomalies and receive alerts on changes that indicate potential problems. Our expertise in defending against attacks on electrical infrastructure makes us the ideal partner for your cybersecurity needs.

NIS2 cyber security requirements

The EU Network and Information Systems Regulations require comprehensive cyber security measures for essential and critical services and infrastructure. The updated NIS2 directive aims to improve the resilience and responsiveness of critical infrastructure in the face of increasing threats. Nozomi Networks and IKARUS jointly offer a solution to meet the requirements for optimised cyber security.

Nozomi Networks’ technologies help organisations manage security risk, protect against cyber-attacks, detect security-related incidents and minimise the impact of security incidents. Together with IKARUS’ services, this results in a comprehensive solution for cyber security in industrial networks and critical infrastructure.

IKARUS Advisory Calls and regular Health Checks for the OT Security Sensor Guardian™ by Nozomi Networks enable tailored support by certified Industrial Security Experts and ensure optimal operation. In addition, IKARUS supports you in creating and maintaining up-to-date asset inventories to meet the requirements of the NIS2 directive. You benefit from a holistic solution to protect against cyber attacks, detect vulnerabilities and security incidents, and improve the cyber resilience of critical infrastructure.

TISAX Standards: Cyber Security in the automotive industry

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is a standard designed to ensure the security of sensitive information and data in the automotive industry. The standard supplements the requirements of ISO 27001 with industry-specific aspects and defines a comprehensive test catalogue for all companies that are active in the automotive industry or as suppliers or partners for car manufacturers.

IKARUS and Nozomi Networks offer companies in the automotive supply industry effective support in meeting their compliance requirements according to TISAX, ISO 27001, IEC 62443, NIS2 and the Machinery Regulation. With state-of-the-art OT sensor technology and professional services, companies can make their IT and OT assets fully visible and monitorable and optimise their security strategy.

The fundamental goal of the various regulations and certifications for industrial companies is to establish a holistic strong cyber security strategy and cyber resilience. With OT Security solutions from IKARUS and Nozomi Networks, you get the tools and capabilities to build a sustainable cyber defence strategy that can meet future security, visibility and cyber resilience requirements. Experienced experts for IT and OT security offer customised consulting and active support from proof of value to ongoing operation.

Customer testimonials

“IKARUS’ expertise in IT, IoT and OT security is impressive. Their tailored advice and support in a proof of concept and in the commissioning of the technologies have helped us to optimise and identify our security solutions. The regular comprehensive advisory calls and health checks have taken our security technology and processes to a new level. “

International manufacturing company

“With Nozomi Networks, we got a highly scalable full-stack solution specifically for use in critical infrastructure. The asset discovery and visibility technology was our key selling point. The seamless integration with our infrastructure allows us to detect threats and anomalies in real-time with integrated threat intelligence. Our security and monitoring has improved significantly.”

European energy supplier

IKARUS Industrial Cyber Security Expert Team

IKARUS Security Software supports companies of all sizes in making their IT and OT networks secure and resilient against cyber threats.
In the area of industrial security, we rely on the technologies of Nozomi Networks.

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IKARUS Security Software is a Platinum Partner of Nozomi Networks, technology leader in OT/IoT visibility & security, as well as Trellix (formerly FireEye), Mandiant and Cybereason, the global leaders in Threat Intelligence & Incident Response.

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