Industrial Cyber Security for Automation, Production and Critical Infrastructure

OT / IoT Cyber Security Services powered by IKARUS

Operational technology (OT) comprises hardware and software for controlling and/or monitoring machines, processes or events. It is used, for example, in production plants and critical infrastructures.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of “smart” devices that, thanks to embedded technologies, are able to perceive, send and receive internal and external information. IoT devices are found in both OT and IT environments.

Network monitoring, visualisation services and knowledge transfer

Industrial Cyber Security in OT environments encompasses measures and technologies for the protection and control of digital systems that control an industrial process (ICS – Industrial Control Systems), as well as for the security of machines, plants, people and information. Digital and physical security go hand in hand.

The focus is on the visibility of assets and network communication and the early detection of threats and anomalies – whether internal or external, intentional or accidental.

Industrial Cyber Security for the Internet of Things and Services (IoT) covers the security and monitoring of intelligent devices integrated into networks. They are used in both OT and IT environments. Typical applications include monitoring or locking systems, trackers or sensors for analysing production or consumer data. Due to proprietary protocols and lack of security standards, IoT applications offer vast areas of attack and cannot be integrated into traditional IT systems.

IKARUS Security Software is Platinum Partner of Nozomi Networks, technology leader in OT/IoT transparency & security, Trellix (formerly FireEye), Mandiant and Cybereason, the global market leaders in Threat Intelligence & Incident Response.

cyberreasonTrellix Partner Solution Provider MSSPTrellix Partner Solution Provider CollaborateMandiantNozomi Platinum Partner-800Certified Nozomi MSSP Partner

Our experienced system engineers and security experts from IT and OT/IoT provide professional support and advice from proof of value through system integration to ongoing operation and knowledge transfer.

Managed Cyber Security for your successful IT/OT/IoT convergence

Digitalisation does not stop at the industry: From the collection, analysis and use of data to the planning of workflows, resources and costs – networked systems bring economic benefits and new knowledge to all business areas. The secret of a successful joint security strategy for IT and OT systems lies in the knowledge of their different needs.

IKARUS managed.defense gives you full access to highly professional tools and services to protect your IT, OT and IoT environments. Experienced experts and practitioners from both IT security and OT/IoT security will advise and support you in setting up your own security platform. Create transparency about all assets in your network and strengthen your cyber resilience with targeted actions and technologies to prevent, detect and address vulnerabilities and threats.

We adapt the services of the IKARUS managed.defense teams to your individual needs and support you exactly to the extent you want – from consulting, implementation and system integration to knowledge transfer. Thus, you can take over the operation of the services yourself, even without previous experience.

Possible uses

  • Prevention
  • Monitoring
  • Detection
  • Hunting/Forensics
  • Remediation & Restoration

Your advantages

  • Experienced teams of experts from IT, OT and IoT security
  • On-demand know-how transfer and on-site support
  • Global and local threat intelligence with local service & support
  • Seamless integration into existing IT and OT systems
IKARUS managed.defense

Industrial Cyber Security and Visibility for Industrial Production

Ransomware, supply chain attacks, phishing attacks, and other threats from IT endanger your OT systems. Vulnerable IoT devices present further attack vectors. To protect all systems, you need an up-to-date and detailed overview of your assets, protocols and network traffic, as well as real-time information on vulnerabilities and anomalies.

Guardian™ powered by IKARUS visualises production networks, including asset inventory, communication, protocols, process variables, manufacturers, firmware and current device status. Identify cyber threats, risks and anomalies that threaten your IT and OT systems and respond immediately and specifically to potential security incidents thanks to intelligent alerts. VantageTM powered by IKARUS enables location-independent monitoring and centralised monitoring of decentralised and complex networks in one single application.

The global Nozomi Networks Threat IntelligenceTM provides information and insights that are also relevant to the IT – from system-related vulnerabilities to high-tech attacks to learned or predefined deviations and anomalies.

Advantages of the Nozomi Networks technology

  • Interactive network visualisation
  • Dynamic asset inventory
  • Real-time detection of threats, vulnerabilities and anomalies
  • Monitoring of operationally relevant process variables
  • Seamless integration into common IT systems

Advantages “powered by IKARUS“

  • Expertise and practical know-how in IT, IoT and OT security
  • Know-how transfer and on-site support as required
  • Smart system integration incl. 3rd level support and know-how transfer
  • Active support with a proof of concept
Vantage powered by IKARUS

Industrial cyber security and high-availability operation for energy suppliers

Real-time transparency about cyber-attacks, risks and anomalies is best practice for securing automation and control systems. New technologies that support IT/OT/IoT convergence and meet the technical challenges of branched HA networks and huge amounts of data enable a risk-based cyber security protection concept and high-availability operation.

Two-way communication, network segmentation, bandwidth requirements, high availability – intelligent power grids present operators with new challenges that existing plants cannot cover. The passive approach of Nozomi technology powered by IKARUS is non-invasive and integrates without downtime or network disruptions.

Guardian™ powered by IKARUS efficiently and comprehensively addresses the challenges of digital substations and power systems in terms of cyber resilience, scalability, bandwidth, time synchronisation, complexity and cyber threats. Gain real-time insights into device and network communications, monitor equipment behaviour for threats and anomalies, and receive alerts of changes that point to potential problems. Global Nozomi Networks Threat IntelligenceTM provides detailed insights into vulnerabilities and threats, enabling rapid prioritisation and recovery.

Advantages of Nozomi Networks technology

  • Up-to-date system inventory and network monitoring
  • Management of security alerts
  • Detection and mitigation of external and internal security threats
  • Detection of faulty equipment and malfunctions
  • Identification of unauthorised activities

Advantages “powered by IKARUS”

  • Nozomi Networks Platinum Partner
  • Certified System Engineers and IT & OT Security Analysts
  • Global and local Threat Intelligence Platform
  • Smart system integration incl. 3rd level support and know-how transfer
  • Active support with a proof of concept
IKARUS managed.defense Energieversorger

NIS Directive: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

The EU regulations on network and information systems require all critical infrastructure operators to protect their assets and services within the EU with optimised cyber security. It explicitly mentions energy, transport, drinking water, healthcare, banking, financial market and digital infrastructure. However, every organisation can take advantage of the guidelines in this document to strengthen their cyber security and resilience.

The NIS guidelines require a risk-based approach to cybersecurity. With real-time network intelligence, monitoring and AI-supported threat detection, Guardian™ powered by IKARUS brings complete visibility and visibility of vulnerabilities and anomalies to your network, supporting proactive risk minimisation.

The non-intrusive solution enables the central management of security risks from inventory to hazard detection to process and information control. It supports threat defence through security policies and procedures, data and system security, cyber resilience and documentation, and provides comprehensive insights into potential threats. Thanks to network monitoring and intelligence, risks are detected early, and rapid, targeted responses are possible. Thus, you can minimise the impact of cyber security incidents, speed up system and security recovery, and take appropriate countermeasures.

Advantages of Nozomi Networks technology

  • Detailed overview of the entire IT and OT network
  • Proactive detection of risks, threats and anomalies
  • Efficient and targeted risk management
  • Monitoring of operationally relevant process variables
  • Relevant data for engineers, IT and security teams

Advantages “powered by IKARUS”

  • Nozomi Networks Platinum Partner
  • Expertise and practical experience in IT, IoT and OT security
  • If required, know-how transfer and support during operation
  • Smart system integration incl. 3rd level support
  • Active support with a proof of concept
Guardian NIS


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