Trellix Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Endpoint security beyond malware detection: detect, investigate and defend against attacks

AI-powered analytics for attack detection and investigation

To avoid over-alerting or missing threats, EDR systems need the right data, correlations and analysis.

Multiple analysis engines combined

Trellix EDR constantly collects data and analyses it using multiple engines to detect suspicious behaviour, interpret alerts and take the right action.

Trellix Insights for new context

The Trellix Intelligent Sandbox sends automatic notifications, provides information, assesses local systems, predicts possible impact on the security platform and gives instructions on how to avoid security breaches.

Accelerated response to security incidents

Threats can be contained immediately by terminating a process, quarantining a computer or deleting files. A single endpoint or the entire inventory can be responded to with one click.

Product benefits

  • Reduced administration and rapid analysis
  • Proactive insight into threats before an attack occurs
  • AI-led investigations
  • Extend analytical expertise

Trellix Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

The analysis results are displayed in the monitoring area – without false positives, but with actionable information.

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