FAQs – IKARUS mobile.management

  • What is IKARUS mobile.management?

    IKARUS mobile.management is a full MDM / EMM solution obtained from the Austrian cloud or used on-premise in the customer’s infrastructure.

  • Which companies should or could use the IKARUS mobile.management system?

    The system is fully scalable, hence can be used in companies of all sizes. It provides an entire tenancy and extensive management and administration concept. As a result, any interested company can use the system and configure it individually.

  • Which platforms are supported?

    IKARUS mobile.management supports the following mobile operating systems:

    • Apple iOS from version 8
    • macOS from version 10.7
    • Android from version 6 (recommended 8); only devices supporting Google Play Services

    In addition, all common management interfaces are implemented completely. This includes next to Android Enterprise, Samsung Knox and Apple also the Enrollment programs like Apple Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program as well as Android Zero-Touch Enrollment and Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.

  • Which features and functions does IKARUS mobile.management provide?

    • Security: Device restrictions, device lock
    • Access: Email, Wi-Fi and VPN accounts
    • Application management: Rollout and updates, remote configuration, applications lists (blacklist, whitelist, etc.)
    • Et al.
  • Where are the IKARUS cloud servers located?

    Data are only processed on Excoscale servers in Vienna / Austria. The Austrian and EU data protection laws apply in their entirety.

  • Which kind of subscriptions can be used with the IKARUS cloud solution?

    The invoice is done on a user base. Each user may use up to three devices. By default, there are subscriptions for 1,2,3 and 5 years available. Details for other options, e.g. device-based invoice, can be requested.

  • How many devices can be managed with IKARUS mobile.management?

    As the system is flexibly and not limited, any number of devices can be managed.

  • Is the IKARUS cloud solution or the hosting centre certified by industrial standards?

    Yes, the hosting centre Inerxion is certified by ISO27001 and BS25999.

  • Is there a separation of private and corporate data available in IKARUS mobile.management?

    Yes, a separation of data is available and can be achieved by operating system-based functions or via secure container application (SecurePIM).

  • Which additional features are supported?

    • Email container (SecurePIM), where data is encrypted separately
    • Integrated and free antivirus and malware protection – IKARUS mobile.security – for Android
    • IKARUS VPN – per App VPN solution on OpenVPN base.
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