Cyber Security Services for the Prevention, Identification & Detection of Cyber Threats

IKARUS managed.defense

The digitalisation of data from traditional IT, operating technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) leads to a flood of systems, protocols and information that is hard to keep track of.

The targeted use of technologies and best practice approaches enables visibility, risk minimisation and, where necessary, clout.

IKARUS managed.defense provides you with all the tools, services and proven expertise to protect and monitor your data, devices and systems. IT, OT and IoT converge securely and efficiently, operating technology is made visible, and vulnerabilities are detected.

In a modular security platform built according to your needs, your entire infrastructure is made monitorable and manageable.

Together with our technology partners Nozomi Networks, Mandiant and Cybereason, we are able to optimally cover the entire spectrum of cyber security services – from endpoint protection and network monitoring to malware detection based on global and local threat intelligence to incident response services.

IKARUS Security Software Sales-Hotline:

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IKARUS managed.defense

The IKARUS managed.defense Team supports you in building or expanding your modular security platform according to your requirements.

Our services

  • Prevention & early detection
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Threat Hunting & Forensics
  • Remediation & Restore

Your benefits

  • Concentrated expertise and practical know-how
  • Market-leading technologies and strong partnerships
  • Global and local threat intelligence with local service & support
  • Seamless integration into existing IT and OT systems

IKARUS managed.defense – Services and Software Solutions

With IKARUS managed.defense, you get full access to a repertoire of highly professional cyber security tools as well as to the expertise of experienced experts and practitioners in IT, OT and IoT security. We advise and support you in the development or set up of your own security platform to the exact extent you require – from consulting to implementation and system integration to knowledge transfer.

IKARUS threat.intelligenceIKARUS threat.intelligence.platform

Customer benefit powered by IKARUS:

Global and local threat intelligence at tactical, operational and strategic levels


  • Central platform incl. integrated threat intelligence
  • Fast implementation in any environment
  • Knowledge base for investigating security incidents and enriching threat information
  • Incident management

Available in 2022!

Guardian powered by IKARUS

Guardian™ by Nozomi Networks

Customer benefit powered by IKARUS:

Professional expertise combined with decades of practical experience in OT Security


  • Dynamic network visualisation and monitoring
  • Real-time detection of threats, vulnerabilities and anomalies
  • Monitoring of operationally relevant process variables
  • Smart management of security alarms

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IKARUS 24/7 incident.responseIKARUS 24/7 incident.response

Customer benefit powered by IKARUS:

Guaranteed access to the necessary resources of IKARUS and Mandiant at any time


  • 24/7 on-call service for the fastest possible response
  • Heterogeneous teams of system engineers and security analysts
  • Efficient processes thanks to proven phase model
  • Effective technical and financial damage minimisation

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Trellix Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Combined defences for efficient endpoint security processes

Trellix Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) It combines multiple engines to analyse and defend against cyber threats. Preconfigured responses enable immediate response to security breaches.

Trellix EDR helps manage large numbers of alerts and enables analysts of all skill levels to investigate more alerts more efficiently. Unique to Trellix EDR is Trellix Insights*, a unique technology that proactively prioritises threats, predicts whether your countermeasures will stop the threat, and specifies exactly what to do if they do not.

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