Mobility solutions for corporate environments


The digitization and networking of our channels of communication do not bring only advantages. They also open up new attractive points of attack. Laptops and smartphones support our mobility and productivity. At the same time, data security, compliance with corporate policies and legal frameworks must be guaranteed. The balancing act between strict provisions and flexible use requires an intelligent solution.

IKARUS mobile.managementCentral mobile management system for secure and controlled use of mobile devices in corporate environments

IKARUS allows simple and quick tailored solutions to be created for the efficient management of your mobile devices, applications and data. The cloud service is equally suitable for small companies and for enterprises – any amount of end devices can be connected. Invoicing is dependent on the number of licences. The benefit of security: All data is processed only in servers located in Austria in the ISO-certified data-processing centre Interxion in Vienna (ISO27001 and BS25999). Austrian and EU data protection laws apply in their entirety.

Mobile solutions will also play a key role in future in our private and working life. It is therefore appropriate to invest in a future-proof solution: Professional concepts, simple to operate and reliable methods are worthwhile. Those who neglect their data protection obligations must expect to pay high penalties.

»Mobile solutions play a leading role in our private and working life, now and further in the future. It is therefore appropriate to invest in a future-proof solution: Professional concepts, simple to operate and reliable methods are worthwhile.«

Christian Fritz, COO
IKARUS Security Software

Advantages offered by IKARUS

  • Meets the data protection requirements for mobile devices under EU GDPR
  • Data processing is carried out exclusively in the IKARUS data-processing centre in Vienna
  • Suitable for BYOD and COPE scenarios by separating business and private data
  • Data security thanks to TÜV certification – unique in Europe since the introduction of EU GDPR
  • Quick rollout and simple system integration thanks to coverage of all leading platforms


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