IKARUS mail.security with ATP and S/MIME-Service

IKARUS mail.security

Many cyber-attacks begin with an email. Whether it’s a phishing attempt, a business email compromise, a malware attack, a link to an infected website or a highly technical targeted attack – the possibilities are numerous and usually difficult or not at all to detect. Deep analyses and defence measures reduce the risk to a minimum and provide clarity as to whether you are currently in the attackers’ focus.

Email security solution to protect against phishing, malware, targeted attacks, and identity theft

IKARUS mail.security detects and blocks spam, malware, dangerous URLs and malicious attachments even before they can enter your systems and cause damage.

To complement the dynamic analysis methods of the IKARUS Malware Scan Engine, the sandboxes of international market leaders can be activated in a targeted and cost-effective manner. Thus, you will also be able to detect targeted attacks on your company.

The ATP add-on (Advanced Threat Protection) and unbound S/MIME signatures provide you with two additional features for enhanced security: Supplementary analyses can be carried out by sandboxes from international market leaders to defend against targeted, highly technical attacks. S/MIME signatures via IKARUS mail.security provide the mailboxes you select with a secure digital signature when sending emails and prove the authenticity of the sender’s address to recipients – or warn them if the email address or content of the email has been manipulated.

Additional plus for your data security: Software development, data processing, analysis and support all take place in Austria in strict compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation.

For quotations and orders for the ATP add-on and S/MIME signatures, please contact the IKARUS sales team at +43 1 58995-500 or sales@ikarus.at!

IKARUS mail.security

IKARUS mail.security scans and filters all incoming emails before they are delivered to your network. The sandboxes from Trellix and PaloAlto for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) can be optionally switched on. Outgoing emails can be signed with S/MIME certificates from Certum.

IKARUS Security Software Sales-Hotline:
IKARUS Sales Hotline: +43 1 58995-500, sales@ikarus.at

Release Notes for IKARUS mail.security

BBG Partner

The main features of IKARUS mail.security

  • Anti-spam concept and behaviour-based analyses of executable code
  • Advanced URL Defence: real-time analysis on email delivery and again on link clicks
  • Add-on: multi-sandbox integration for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Add-on: S/MIME certificates for secure signing of outgoing e-mails
  • Post incident management with alerting function
  • Flexible configuration options with filter options, blacklists, and whitelists

Your advantages with IKARUS mail.security

  • Combined protection against phishing, malware attacks, advanced persistent threats, and identity fraud
  • Real-time analytics optimised for speed and efficiency
  • European DSGVO-compliant solution with local data processing and global threat intelligence
  • Seamless integration into existing systems and maintenance-free operation
  • Arbitrarily scalable and multi-client capable
  • Cost-efficient multi-sandbox option

Screen IKARUS mail.security light mode
Screen IKARUS mail.security dark mode

IKARUS mail.security Demo-Interface

User: demo1@ikarus.at, pw: Demo123?

Test IKARUS mail.security with ATP-Add-on free of charge

IKARUS Sales Hotline: +43 1 58995-500, sales@ikarus.at

Customer Stories

A1 Digital

A1 Digital – An IKARUS success story.

"In our search for a suitable partner for the essential topic of cyber security, we quickly came across IKARUS Security Software. The already proven cooperation with A1 turned out to be the ideal basis for the desired security platform," Thomas Snor, Director Security at A1 Digital, describes the first steps.


"With IKARUS mail.security with ATP, DerMann has a solution that recognizes and blocks spam, malware, dangerous URLs and harmful attachments before they can penetrate the system and cause damage."
Motormobil - Ford4you


“Due to the many systems running in parallel, permanent monitoring of the entire chain is a priority to be able to react quickly if something is not running correctly!” Gerhard Lochner, IT Manager of Motormobil
Wittmann Battenfeld


“IKARUS Security Software reacts extremely quickly to local threats and has thus already saved us from countless attacks – it is a fixed component of our security concept”. Ing. Janusz Russocki, Head of IT at WITTMANN Group


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