Email security with ATP option


Thanks to world-leading security technologies, IKARUS not only detects viruses, malware and harmful attachments in emails: manipulated URLs, malicious codes, phishing attempts and zero day attacks are blocked before they reach your network.

IKARUS InfografikIKARUS scans all incoming and outgoing emails before they reach your network. The sandboxes by FireEye and PaloAlto can optionally be switched on.

The cloud-based high-performance security solution for email gateways secure the main gateway against spam, malware and phishing attempts: With real-time protection, ATP add-on and unlimited recursive archive scans, IKARUS blocks undesired emails, malware and manipulated URLs unnoticed, even before these penetrate your systems and cause damage.

»The IKARUS software reacts extremely quickly to local threats and has already protected us from numerous attacks – it is a fixed component of our security concept«

Eng. Janusz Russocki
Head of IT at WITTMANN Group

Advantages of IKARUS with ATP

  • Real-time protection, global threat intelligence and APT defence
  • Scalable, multi-tenant cloud solution
  • Seamless integration into existing systems & maintenance-free operation
  • Cost-efficient multi-sandbox option also for SMEs
  • Post incident management



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