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Configuration of the Configuration Profiles

1 Overview of the Configuration Profiles

All existing configuration profiles are displayed in this menu. Here, configuration profiles can be edited, created or deleted.

Any number of configuration profiles can be created. This allows different areas, locations or departments to be mapped and differentiated.

Overview of the Configuration Profiles

Overview of the Configuration Profiles

2 Creating a Configuration Profile

2.1 Profile settings

Caption Description
Name Free choice of name for the configuration profile.
Auto Synchronization If the “Auto Synchronization” checkbox is selected in the profile settings of the configuration profiles, it is no longer necessary to roll out the initial configuration on AV clients manually.
If clients are moved to other groups, the configurations must be pushed manually as before.
Owner Firm, which is to have access to the profile can be selected as the owner.
The assignment of the owner to a company determines who can use this configuration profile. When a configuration profile is created for a reseller (at the top of the group hierarchy), only that reseller has access to that profile. If a profile is created for a customer, this customer and the reseller can access the profile and define recipients for notifications.

Configuration profiles that should not be visible to the end customer must be assigned to the reseller company.

2.2 MSI configuration

The following parameters can be set for the MSI configuration.
Caption Default Description
Email Protection on Scans emails for malware & viruses
Spam protection off Checks emails for spam
Automatic Updates on Automatic verification and installation of new software updates and virus database updates
Update following installation on One-time virus database and software update after installation
Autoscan off This option can be used to configure an automatic scan.
Daily Scan off The scan is performed daily
Weekly Scan Day of the week The scan is performed once a week on that day.
Monthly Scan dd The scan is performed once a month on that day.
Scan type Choice of Only one preconfigured scan type can be defined.
Quick system check checks the Windows installation directory.

Most computer malware on a Windows system is located in this directory.
System partitions checks the drive or partition on which the operating system is located.

This checks all archives, directories, folders, and files on the system partition.
Entire computer checks all drives of the local PC, including plugged in USB drives.
Scan time 17:00 Time at which the scan is to be performed (17:00 if not specified)
Proxy IP address    
Proxy Port     The port number must be between 1 and 65535.
Proxy Athentification off If activated, the MSI user name and password will be requested during the download.

Removal of the option to disable system protection in the configuration file

Accept the settings with Save

2.3 Exclusions

The following exclusions can be configured:

Type Parameter
File & Folder Exclusion File & folder path e.g.: C:example_folder or C:example_folderexclusion_01.exe
Process exclusion Process name e.g: Exclusion.exe
Theses Actions are available:
Add exclusions
 Import exclusions Please note: Only one exclusion per line is allowed. A maximum of 250 exclusions can be imported. If the file contains more exclusions, it will be truncated after 250 entries.
 Export exclusions Exports the existing exclusions to a txt file.
Edit Exclusion
Deletes this exclusion

2.4 Client configuration

Caption Default Description
System protection   on Basic functionality
PUA and PUP detection   on Detection of potentially unwanted programs
System protection at system startup   on If system protection has been deactivated, it will be automatically reactivated at the next restart
Use default settings for maximum file size   off Accepts the default value (128 MB)
Maximum file size (in MB) 128 Files above this size are not scanned
Log system supervision in the main log   off System monitoring results are stored in C:Program FilesIKARUSanti.viruslogguardx.log
Record logs for scans   om Creates protocols for scans
Record all data when scanning   off Detailed scan report
Overwrite logs   on When activated, the old report is no longer overwritten with each scan but supplemented.
Use Proxy-Server   off Uses a proxy server for updates
Use System Proxy   off Uses the default proxy server
Proxyserver Address     Manual proxy server address
Proxyserver Port    
Proxyserver Login  off The user name and password are only specified when the configuration is transferred.
No passwords are stored in the IKARUS anti.virus portal itself.
Password protection   off The password is only entered when the configuration is transferred.
No passwords are stored in the IKARUS anti.virus Portal itself.
We recommend that the passwords are stored in a password storage, since without a password access is not possible.
FastDiff   off Real-time updates for virus patterns
Join reseller preview   off To test the latest program features in advance.
Only possible with licenses for verified resellers.

2.5 Notification settings

Notifications are only sent for devices that are linked to this configuration profile via their group membership

Notification settings

Caption Default Description
Outdated after 28 Number of days after which a device is to be reported as outdated. The value must be an integer!
Time of examination 8 o’clock Time at which the status ‘outdated’ is checked.
Recipient settings
Caption Parameter Description
Recipient Selection or input An existing user or an e-mail address can be defined for notifications.
Recipient settings
Threat found   off
Security status Client insufficient   off
Client not up to date   off
Actions Deletes the notifications for this recipient.


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