OT Security Sensor Guardian™ by Nozomi Networks

OT Security Sensor for real-time monitoring of industrial networks

To ensure high continuity of processes, industrial companies and critical infrastructures need to be protected against cyber-attacks. OT Security sensors enable you to make processes and infrastructure immune and resilient to misbehaviour, anomalies, and cyber-attacks by making the risk visible and manageable.

Strengthen the operational resilience of your industrial infrastructure!

Guardian™Guardian™ by Nozomi Networks is a passive security solution for industrial networks that provides complete visibility and control over all your OT and IoT assets and network communications with inventory, monitoring, and discovery. The OT Security Sensor detects and alerts in real time to cyber threats, vulnerabilities and enables you to respond before damage occurs.

Integration with existing and enhanced security systems

The OT Security Sensor Guardian can be installed quickly and without network interruptions. It is immediately active after being switched on.  Asset information can be enriched automatically through the simple integration of existing protection systems, asset intelligence and smart polling. Interactive graphs support the visual representation of network participants and their communication.

As a self-learning system, the Guardian has the ability to detect changes in the infrastructure such as misbehaviour and anomalies and to activate defensive measures against threats with the Protection Mode. Through Threat Intelligence, cyber-attacks from ransomware, malware, DDOS, MITM attacks and other threats can be detected, alerted and eliminated at an early stage.

Guardians are primarily deployed as a passive security solution in the form of hardware, containers and virtual appliances and are connected to your existing protection systems such as firewalls. The solution is scalable as required.

For extended visibility, for example, you can also use Rugged Guardians in control cabinets to detect disconnected automation networks. The Nozomi Arc endpoint sensor also integrates active monitoring of PC-based systems with an agent.

PoV: Your benefits and advantages with the OT Security Sensor Guardian

Many OT security projects start with a Proof of Value (PoV), which makes the actual benefit of the solution tangible in one’s own network and thus gives concrete clues about the current OT cyber security maturity level, existing risks and operational resilience.

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OT Security Sensor Guardian by Nozomi Networks

Features and advantages of the OT Security Sensors Guardian™ by Nozomi Networks

  • Automated Asset Discovery
  • Visibility of assets and network communications
  • Real-time threat, vulnerability, and anomaly detection
  • Interactive network visualisation
  • Monitoring of operationally relevant process variables

Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence by Nozomi Networks provides ongoing updates and comprehensive information on OT and IoT devices to help identify risks from cyber threats and operational anomalies faster. Device data includes type, manufacturer, behaviour, settings, and protocols used. By matching activity against learned baselines and millions of device profiles, you avoid unnecessary alerts. Your focus becomes on safety-relevant incidents.

Arc Sensor

Arc Sensor

Nozomi Arc is software to specifically detect assets that the local Guardian sensors cannot analyse. These include, for example, installed software, drivers, and adapters. Nozomi Arc provides log file analysis through SIGMA rules for threat detection in log files. Insider threats can be detected by correlating user activity with network traffic or anomalies. The software can also monitor connected USB devices to detect malware or unwanted behaviour.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence by Nozomi Networks provides up-to-date information on cyber threats in the form of Packet Rules, Yara Rules, and Stix indicators. It also contains comprehensive vulnerability information. With this data, you can improve your security measures and use detailed alerts to detect and defend against potential attacks at an early stage.

Smart Polling

Smart Polling

Smart Polling is a software add-on for the OT Security Sensor Guardian that enables advanced monitoring and vulnerability assessment. It allows active polling and can be used in different network segments. Smart Polling reports on operating systems, installed software packages, firmware, patch levels and detects USB devices on Windows systems.

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