Cyber Threat Intelligence:
Threat data, background knowledge and methodology

IKARUS threat.intelligence.platform

Cyber defence technologies collect information from endpoints and networks, programmes, files and logs. Cyber security analysts supplement these assessments, hashes and algorithms with background knowledge of attacker groups, forensic investigations, reconstructions of malicious infrastructures and indicators from security incidents, data breaches, zero-day exploits or attack attempts.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) links all this data and puts it into a larger, meaningful context. Only in this way can you filter out the information that is actually relevant from the flood of data, understand current incidents and use your knowledge in a targeted manner for your defense.

Context and structured knowledge of global and local cyber threats

The IKARUS threat.intelligence.platform (IKARUS TIP) takes your defence technologies and cyber defence capabilities to a new level. Both the flexible platform concept and the quality of the attributed and associated threat information are unique worldwide.

Regardless of the preferred integration – via cloud, on-premises or for air-gapped systems – the accumulated expertise of leading global and national security service providers is at your service. The strategic, operational and tactical threat information ranges from information about the malware and the infrastructure of an attacker to typical approaches, motives, readily exploited vulnerabilities, preferred target companies or systems and sponsors.

In the IKARUS threat.intelligence.platform, all this data from various sources is aggregated. It allows you to see and understood the overall context and to use the data flexibly and according to your needs.

CTI levels

CTI levels – the three levels of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Advantages of the IKARUS threat.intelligence.platform

  • Targeted response to cyber security incidents
  • Attributed and up-to-date local and global threat intelligence
  • Knowledge of current attack methodologies and incidents worldwide
  • Creation of strategic situational awareness
  • Optimised risk management and cyber prevention


  • High-quality global and local threat intelligence producers
  • Strategic, operational and tactical information
  • Flexible data access / system integration as required
  • Targeted investigation (pivoting) and mapping of desired use cases
  • Interface to existing cyber defence technologies (SIEM, EDR, NIDS, Sandboxes, Firewalls, Proxies etc.)

Data sources


Other open sources are also part of the IKARUS TIP.

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