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You are an IT professional and are interested in security management, secure networks and applications, malware analysis and reverse engineering, or penetration testing?

Professional IT security solutions since 1986

Ever since company founder Viktor Mayer-Schönberger chanced upon the first computer viruses “in the wild” some 35 years ago, the Austrian company IKARUS Security Software (operating at the time as IKARUS Software GmbH) has been committed to combating viruses and malware.


The passion for new technologies and the desire to share our knowledge about IT security continues to shape our corporate goals today: at IKARUS, we firmly believe that digital security can and must be feasible for everybody. This includes information about potential threats or instructions on securing equipment and networks, as well as suitable security products and services.

Real threats in a virtual environment

In a worst-case scenario, attacks on our networks threaten our identity, our privacy and our personal data. The digitalisation and smartification of our cities, households, cars and jobs also expose the basic supplies of food, medical care, energy, communication and much more to new, unknown threats.

Every new technological development also opens up new attack routes. IT security must therefore be a part of every development and training process, to ensure that new equipment and systems are launched on the market in the most secure way possible. We are never going to have 100% security. However, the opportunities and incentives for hijacking systems can be kept to a minimum. Another element of security software is that it secures weak points, blocks intruders, while generating valuable data about the personal risk at the same time.


Security levels for typical gateways

Security software for all computers – from desktops to smart phones – forms the first layer of protection in our digital lives and can be compared with a door or bicycle lock: these keep opportunists at bay and provide us with a tool with which we can recognise and fend off attacks.

Comprehensive protective measures and security solutions for identifying and fending off targeted, professional attacks are moved up a notch: secure surfing with URL filters and download analyses, protection against unauthorized access and man-in-the-middle attacks in WLAN networks, tackling spam mails and phishing attempts as well as real-time protection against the exploitation of system vulnerabilities that would give aggressors access to data and equipment via web and e-mail gateways.

Local providers with global expertise

This is precisely where our strengths lie: as one of the few security companies with it own scan engine, we focus on efficient recognition technologies, professional management security services and on securing industrial environments with SOC, SiEM and log management (LM) services. Selected strategic partnerships with the market leaders in their areas allow us to offer a one-stop service from which our customers and partners can scale the best technological solutions to their individual requirements at the lowest price.

Our unbeatable advantage relative to our international peers: we provide personalised advice and support to our customers – from the first trial position through system integration and also during current operations. Thanks to individual support that does not involve a call centre or chatbot, we deliver above-average customer satisfaction, while direct collaboration with your team allow us to provide direct products updates and optimisations.

With our business location of Vienna and local data centre, we can guarantee maximum data security. The IKARUS Cloud Services run without exception via our server in Interxion Vienna, which meets the most stringent requirements of the security and availability of our solutions.


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