IKARUS anti.virus Portal
User administration

1 Overview of User Administration

In der Benutzerübersicht werden alle vorhandenen Benutzer mit Zugang zum AV Portal angezeigt. Hier können Benutzer eingeladen oder bearbeitet werden.

 Search Search for specific strings in the Username, First Name, Surname, Email Address, Customer fields.
  Invite user s.u.
  Show entries
25 Select how many entries are displayed per page.
User overview
Caption Description
User name
First name
Email Address
Customer links to the corresponding entry in the Resellerportal.
Status activated / invited
Actions Edit user

The following information can be modified later.

  • Salutation
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Positions » Reseller
  • Language German (Default)
Send invitation again
Overview of users

Overview of users

1.2 Edit user profile

1.2.1 Settings

Caption Beschreibung
Salutation Please select Mr. / Mrs. Users should be always natural persons!
First name
Email Address    
Positions Each user can only be assigned one role. See Roles and Rights:
Reseller Reseller (Technology) Customer AV-Portal only
Language Language in which the AV Portal is displayed.

1.2.2 Integration

Read-only dashboard

Activate Creates a Read-Only URL for the Dahboard. The Dahboard is displayed with all information (except Expired invitations). Hostnames, Custom Labels License names and status information are displayed in the overview, without login required.
Login is required to follow the links to hostnames and license names.
Deactivate Disables the read-only link.
Regenerate Deactivates the existing read-only link and creates a new link.
Copies the read-only link to the clipboard.
QR Code Zeigt den Read-only Link als QR Code an.

1.2.3 Table settings

It can be configured which columns should be displayed in the device and license overview

caption: value: description:
Devices Displayed by default:
×Host name ×Custom designation ×Group ×IP address ×Domain ×Operating System ×Infections ×Most recent communication ×Status
The following columns are also available:

×Installed on×Architecture×Last transmission of the configuration×Product×Virus database×SPAM database

Licences Displayed by default:
×Licence name ×Customer ×Expiration date ×Licence key ×Available activations ×In use ×Notify at
The following columns are also available:

1.3 Invite user

The following information is required for a new user to be invited:

Caption Description
Salutation, First name, Surname, Email Address Personal data
Company You can select the reseller account itself associated with this portal access or a customer associated with this reseller account.

Make sure that the right company is selected. This assignment cannot be changed afterwards!

User role (Positions) see below

After the invitation has been sent, the user has 24 hours time to accept the invitation and register.

When registering, a username and a password must be specified.

Send the invitation with the button Invite

Email to the invited user

Email to the invited user

2 Roles and rights

The following roles with the respective authorizations are available for the users.

Positions Customer Licenses Downloads Invoices Tickets AV Portal AV Notifications
A user with this position has full access to the reseller and AV portal.
Reseller (Technology)
A user with this role has limited access to the reseller portal (no invoices, no licenses, no customers). In the AV portal, the user has full access.
A user with this role has limited access in the reseller portal (Only his invoices and licenses) and AV portal (Only his devices and licenses).

If a user with the role customer is intended for an end customer, the correct company must be selected.

AV-Portal only
A user with this role does not have access to the reseller portal. In the AV Portal, the user has full access.

If a user with the role AV-Portal only is intended for an end customer, the correct company must be selected.


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