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One of the biggest risk factors for cyber security is the “human vulnerability”. Skillful social engineering can lead your employees to share sensitive information or infiltrate malware into the corporate network unnoticed and with the best of intentions.

Technological security precautions and trained users go hand in hand to achieve the most effective defence strategy.

Targeted phishing emails in the name of the CEO, infected PDF documents disguised as legitimate invoices, USB sticks found by chance or given as gifts, carelessly used private devices, an unexpected alleged service technician–not all possible entry points for cyber-attacks can be secured purely by technology. The best possible security goes hand in hand with attentive, trained users.

With home offices, mobile working, data protection requirements and an increasing threat situation in the area of cybercrime, the demand for professional and sustainable ways to reduce cyber risks through the “human factor” is growing.

Involve employees in security measures

SECUTAIN has expertise in IT security, organisational development and compliance. All measures aim to make a sustainable contribution to information security in your company through knowledge and awareness.

Depending on your needs, we offer individually designed awareness campaigns, effective awareness packages, target-oriented awareness consultations or topic-specific training courses in the desired format.

Whether acute need for action, development of a security concept or implementation of a security audit–we will be happy to advise you and design a customised package for sustainable cyber security awareness.


SECUTAIN is the one-stop provider for information security awareness. Tailor-made awareness measures let your employees become more attentive and act more securely.

Your advantages

  • Focus on meaningful action instead of pure rules and regulations
  • Expertise in IT security, training, communication and conception
  • Time- and resource-saving methods
  • Involvement of all management levels
  • Practice-oriented and sustainable

Professional advice and conception

Whether acute need for action, development of a security concept or implementation of a security audit – we will be happy to advise you and design a customised package for sustainable cybersecurity awareness.

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Address your information risks by…


Individual & comprehensive

You want to position awareness as a strategically relevant topic but you lack a concept? We create a campaign tailored exactly to your needs.


Fast & effective

Are you looking for quick and effective solutions to improve your information security? Simply put together suitable measures at a fixed price.


Competent & personal

You see concrete information security risks and want to know how to counter them? Our experienced experts know what to do.


Proven & versatile

Are you looking for a specific training course or do you want to establish an online academy for information security, for example? Find out more about our training courses.

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