Professional Anti-Malware SDK and APIs for integration in any systems and environments

IKARUS OEM Solutions

Integrate professional malware detection into your systems or solutions and protect your network, clients and users from malware, phishing and data loss: The malware protection technology from IKARUS can be flexibly integrated into your security strategy not only as ready-to-use software and cloud services, but also in the form of SDKs or APIs.

With the IKARUS Malware Scan Engine you get one of the most reliable and powerful systems on the international market––including the advantage of an European company with local data processing.

IKARUS Malware Scan-Engine for OEM Integration: Full platform coverage with strong detection performance

IKARUS has beed developing and refining its Malware Scan Engine 100 % in-house since 1986. Beyond a strong and reliable detection performance, the focus of the development is clearly on stability and speed. And this with success: IKARUS offers one of the fastest and most stable malware engines on the international market.

The IKARUS anti-malware technology detects and anylses malware, vulnerabilities and exploits in almost all files, archives and communication channels. With multi-level scans, behavioural analysis, sandboxing and its unlimited recursion depth, IKARUS protects against both known and emerging threats. An intelligent multi-sandbox integration extends selected solutions to defend against sophisticated targeted attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats – APT).

The IKARUS Malware Scan Engine is scaleable as desired and the processing times are hardly noticeable even with high data volumes. The consistently high detection rates across all operating systems are outstanding, even in offline environments.

Platforms and services with diverse or unknown content sources will benefit from maximum security and compatibility with minimum effort. The IKARUS OEM solutions enable you to implement any specific requirements while at the same time reducing costs, complexity and computing times.

IKARUS Malware Scan-Engine - Sandboxes

Strong malware detection combined with multi-sandbox-integration:
IKARUS OEM solutions offer high-end security at enterprise scale.

Advantages  of the IKARUS Malware Scan Engine

  • High security and speed due to multi-level analysis and multi-threading
  • Strong threat detection on known and emerging threats
  • All scanning takes place on premise, no data uploads to the cloud
  • Unchanged high detection performance in offline environments
  • Cross-platform malware detection
  • Low resource usage at high stability and reliability
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Affordability

Integration scenarios for IKARUS OEM Solutions

  • Protection of internal systems against infected uploads
  • Malware filter for web services and communication tools
  • Development of security services and appliances
  • Secure air-gapped systems and offline environments
  • Automatic scanning of all up- and downloads
  • Secure storage and backup-solutions
  • Protection of email gateways
  • Virus protection for cloud storage (Nextcloud, Owncloud)
  • ...

Securing file sharing services against malware and missuse

As more and more systems and workflows move to the cloud, either private or public, there is an increasing need for curating these systems so that they do not harbour malicious content. Any system that allows upload of user-controlled content can potentially be misused to host and distribute malware. It is therefore essential to scan the user content for malicious code.

»We can offer a solution to address this issue, that is proven to scale globally and with the exact same detection performance in both connected and air-gapped systems, and across a variety of operating systems and CPU architectures.«

Gaspar Furtado, Head of Development at IKARUS Security Software

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IKARUS Anti-Malware Software Solutions, APIs and SDK

We offer different options to access the IKARUS Malware Scan-Engine – from ready-to-use IT-Security solutions to a software development kit to APIs.

IKARUS malware.scan.service

  • API – cloud service
  • Cloud-Service for malware detection including Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • All platforms

IKARUS malware.scanner

  • API / SDK – local installation
  • On-premise solution for the integration of malware detection into any systems or services
  • All platforms

IKARUS IT security solutions

  • Software / services
  • Ready-to-use cyber security solutions based on the IKARUS malware scan engine
  • System requirements are product-dependent

Chosen partners and customers that trust us and our solutions

“What excites us about the
IKARUS Malware Scan Engine is, in short,
its performance.”


“The IKARUS Malware Scan Engine
stands out due to its stability and
very good detection performance.”


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