Security for ANDROID devices


IKARUS, the award-winning anti-virus solution for Android devices, proactively protects your smartphone or tablet from malware infections in apps as well as from the Internet. Using exclusively our self-developed technology we are proud to offer a comprehensive solution for your security needs.

Find and remove all kind of malware with no noticeable impact on your battery-life or memory usage. With a full license, you can activate additional features as Privacy Control.

IKARUS protects your device and your data reliably and efficiently using daily updates and definable scan intervals.

Additionally, all newly installed or updated apps are being monitored and the USSD blocker prevents the automatic execution of potentially malicious USSD codes.

If your device is lost or stolen, you’re able to use the full version theft-protection feature, which is operated via SMS commands. Additionally, the device can be automatically locked when changing the SIM card.

The Privacy Control rates installed apps based on their permissions.

The app is available in German, English, Italian and Russian.

Please read our Privacy Policy and  Data Protection Declaration.



  • Virus scanning: scan the device, its directories as well as the new and already installed apps
  • Monitoring service: set the configurations for continuous monitoring and protection of your device
  • Update status: set up automatic scans and updates
  • Security Advisor – the following parameters are checked by:
    • Is USB Debugging activated (Recommendation: deactivate)
    • Are Apps from unknown sources allowed (Recommendation: do not allow)
    • Screen lock activated (Recommendation: activate)
    • Is the data on the device encrypted (Recommendation: encrypt)
    • Root-Access allowed (Recommendation: No activation)
  • Privacy Control*: The installed apps are tested for risks for your privacy: The more permissions required and the more important they are, the higher the classification of the app in the criticality scale.
  • SIM card protection*: Automatic locking if the SIM card is changed
  • USSD blocker protects against malicious USSD codes
  • URL Filter*: Protection from malware and all other Internet threats

*Requires a full license.


System requirements

Operating systems

  • Android version 4.1 or higher


  • Android smartphone or tablet



Trial version

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