Free antivirus app for all Android devices


As naturally as we use our smartphones for shopping, surfing, paying or chatting, virus protection for mobile devices should also be a matter of course: Android is one of the most popular platforms for cyber-attacks. Private individuals are targeted just as much as companies.

In addition to infected apps that repeatedly make it into the Google Play Store, banking Trojans, phishing and smishing attacks, stalker ware, or adware cause considerable damage – from data theft and invasion of privacy to high financial losses.

IKARUS protects smartphones and tablets from malware and unauthorised access

The IKARUS antivirus app is based on the IKARUS Malware Scan Engine developed in-house by IKARUS and thus on more than 35 years of experience in fighting malware. In addition to ongoing updates and improvements in detection performance, IKARUS focuses on the speed and stability of the solutions so that your systems and battery are not strained.

Free virus scanner for Android

IKARUS can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and is ready to use immediately after installation. In the antivirus settings, make sure that automatic adware detection and regular automatic scans are activated. This way, your devices and data are always protected in the background.

The Security Advisor checks your device settings and warns you of potential risks or security vulnerabilities. The App Blocking feature additionally allows you to seal off selected apps by providing them with password protection. These apps can only become active if you have unlocked them beforehand. Furthermore, they have no possibility of accessing your data or establishing connections to the outside.

Additional features of the full version

The full version of the app provides additional security through URL filtering by warning you about infected or potentially dangerous websites. The Privacy Control feature checks all apps installed on the device for their requested permissions. You receive an overview graded according to risk assessment and can thus specifically check whether apps request more data or access rights than they actually need for their function, and block or uninstall them if necessary.

The features of the full version can be tested free of charge, and the upgrade can be carried out directly in the app. IKARUS is available in German, English, Italian and Russian.

For companies, an optimised version of the anti-virus scanner IKARUS is available free of charge as part of our MDM solution IKARUS


System requirements

Operating systems

  • Android version 8 or higher


  • Android mobile phone, smartphone, or tablet
  • Devices without Google Play Store or Google Play Services are not supported (e.g. partly Huawei).
  • Chrome OS and Harmony OS are not supported


  • Antivirus:
    • Scan: End devices, directories and new and already installed applications are scanned for infections. Automatic scans, scope and frequency can be set.
    • Update: automatic updates can be scheduled and set according to your preferences.
  • Security advisor: Automatically checks your device settings and informs you about potential risks:
    • Phone encryption
    • USB debugging
    • Screen lock
    • Phone root
    • Wifi connection
  • Privacy control*: Installed apps are checked for their requested permissions. Based on this evaluation, the apps are classified.
  • SIM card protection*: Automatic lock of the device when SIM card is changed if this is supported by the device.

URL-Filter*: Warns of infected or potentially dangerous websites.

*Requires a full license.


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