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5. May, 2017

New feature Security Advisor in the IKARUS app

IKARUS is an award-winning anti-virus solution for Android smartphones and tablets. Even in the free basic version, it offers professional protection against malware and malicious apps thanks to automatic monitoring & updates. A special advantage is the low resource requirement – the smartphone is fully protected without noticeable influence on the battery life or the storage usage. Additional functions such as theft protection, warning of dangerous websites or the special protection of the privacy are available in the full, fee-based, version.

Smartphones are a worthwhile goal for “uninvited guests”

Smartphones are an indispensable part of today’s communication behaviour. Due to the very intensive usage by the device’s owners, the smartphones and tablets contain many personal data and personal habits of the users. The recordings take place in different apps and protocols directly on the device, as well as through the use of cloud services.

The small portable computers are therefore becoming a very promising target for uninvited guests. In a variety of ways, unauthorized persons can try to reach the sensitive information. In addition to the well-known methods of virus and malware spread, seemingly legitimate apps can spy on the user behaviour and illegally steal data from the device.

Unintended conclusions can be drawn to the user even from isolated information. A full compromise of the telephone would even allow full monitoring of the user. In order to consider many conceivable risks, a direct access by unauthorized third person to the mobile telephone itself shouldn’t be neglected.

Functional extension at IKARUS app – now even more all-round protection with the Security Advisor

The IKARUS app helps to protect the smartphone and its sensitive data against various types of abuse. New feature, now already available in basic version, is the Security Assistant Security Advisor. This feature helps the user to control and, if necessary, optimize the Android settings on the device. The user is actively advised to improve the system security.

Thereby, the smartphone becomes more robust against everyday challenges, for example, the unauthorized installation of apps, theft, loss or even the possible unauthorized access by third parties.

The following parameters are checked by Security Advisor:

  • Is USB Debugging activated (Recommendation: deactivate)
  • Are Apps from unknown sources allowed (Recommendation: do not allow)
  • Screen lock activated (Recommendation: activate)
  • Is the data on the device encrypted (Recommendation: encrypt)
  • Root-Access allowed (Recommendation: No activation)

In addition, the following features are available when using the screen lock:

  • The selection and marking of “ICE” contacts (“In case of emergency”). These are contacts, which are available next to the emergency call even when the blocking screen is activated and can thus be called without code input
  • The entry of a dedicated lock screen message, e.g. to identify the owner. This can be found in the Android settings under “Security” and “Screen lock”.

As an additional insurance, IKARUS always recommends the copy of the serial number (“IMEI”) of the smartphone, in order to have it in the case of loss. This number is, for example, indicated on the original packaging or the invoice and allows a clear and fast identification of the device.

The IKARUS app is available directly in the Google Play store:

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