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New Spam and Malware reports

Release notes

Release date 16. June, 2021

Activate daily, weekly or monthly Malware and Spam statistics: Detect current threats and waves of attacks at a glance.


Get automated statistics about the number and data volume of incoming and outgoing emails, the number and data volume of found viruses and APT and the number and data volume of your incoming Spam mails – either daily, weekly or monthly.

The already familiar detailed CSV reports for easy further processing of the data have been retained and are now supplemented by HTML templates with expressive charts. This enables you to recognise increased spam or malware volumes or a changed threat situation at first glance.

Activate your automated reports in your general settings (in the menu below Dashboard) and select there how often and to which mailbox you want to receive the statistics. Several domains can optionally be combined or transmitted in separate files. You will also find log files in the general settings, which contain a list of all e-mails over the corresponding period in the form of a CSV file.

Virus and Spam reports can also be pulled directly in the web interface at any time over a freely selectable period of time: simply click on Dashboard, enter the desired start and end date there and click “Pull”.



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