Two-factor authentication for IKARUS

Release notes

Release date 16. June, 2021

Increase your security and activate two-factor authentication for your security services.


Use 2FA to further secure your IKARUS Activate two-factor authentication in your personal settings by tapping the corresponding checkbox. With each login, you will be asked for a newly generated code in addition to your username and password, making it much harder to take over your account. Phishing attempts, brute force attacks, and password leaks are losing their threat potential.

IKARUS uses two-factor authentication with One Time Passwords (OTPs) like the Google Authenticator or the Microsoft Authenticator. Find the Apps on Google Play and in App Store – they are supported by most of the common platforms.

To active 2FA for IKARUS, please follow these instructions:

  • Activate two-factor authentication in your personal settings
  • Sign out and sign in again
  • Install Authenticator App on your smartphone
  • Open Authenticator App
  • Click Menu > Set up Account > Scan a barcode
  • Scan code from the IKARUS webinterface or type the key
  • Enter the unique code from your Authenticator App

The Authenticator Apps even work without a data connection. An integrated algorithm generates always new verification codes. Please note that these codes are only valid for a few seconds to ensure maximum security.

When planning to change your smartphone, please deactivate two-factor authentication in your IKARUS interface and activate again using your new device.

For any technical support please contact our IKARUS Support Team at or via Phone +43 1 58995-400.


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