New functions in the IKARUS anti.virus portal

Release notes

Release date 30. August, 2021

Remote Scan Management

All types of scans can be viewed, scheduled and started at Devices > Host name > Scan profiles. Use the default configurations or define scan profiles that only check specific paths.

All settings such as scan type, frequency, time, path or if missed scans to be retrieved can be checked and adapted in the IKARUS anti. virus portal.

The new Remote Scan Management will be distributed to all end customers from September 2021.

Remote Quarantine Management

Detected threats that are blocked by IKARUS anti.virus can be viewed and edited at Devices > Host name > Quarantine.

In the IKARUS anti. virus portal you can see the following at a glance:

  • where a threat comes from,
  • what it is called,
  • where it is located,
  • how big it is,
  • when it was found,
  • its current status and
  • what possible actions are available or recommended to you.

Anti-Spam-Plugin will be deactivated

From January 2022, the anti-spam protection for Microsoft Outlook integrated in IKARUS anti.virus will be discontinued. After that, it will no longer be possible to monitor emails for spam and malware with IKARUS anti.virus.

Due to the changing threat situation, the technical requirements for reliable email monitoring are becoming ever higher. We recommend private users to pay attention to security measures when choosing their Internet providers and e-mail providers.

With IKARUS, we offer companies one of the world’s best and most secure managed services for the detection of spam, malware and targeted attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats). E-mails are subjected to multi-stage analysis procedures in real time within fractions of a second, executed and observed in sandboxes and evaluated with the help of international threat intelligence. Each click on a URL in the email triggers new security checks, so that hidden links, redirects and changes to the target website are also detected.


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