IKARUS mobile.management – Platform LifeCycle Announcement 2021

Release notes

Release date 30. September, 2021

IKARUS Security Software GmbH announces Technical End of Life and Support for selected older mobile platforms and products through the IKARUS mobile.management solution.

IKARUS Security Software GmbH treats the product End of Life process as a part of the life cycle that drives product innovation and secures customers business. All technology products, especially security and data protection services, inescapable reach the end of their useful life. It requires a business decision to discontinue availability and maintenance of selected products in order to protect customers from usage of outdated technologies.

Considering this, IKARUS Security Software GmbH announces End of Life for following types of mobile platforms and products.


  • End of Life: the platform/product will be removed from IKARUS mobile.management and will not work any longer
  • Deprecated: the platform/product will no longer be tested and supported by IKARUS but might continue to work. Use at your own risk.
Platform/Product Date Description
Android versions older than 6 01.04.2022 End of Life

Android versions older than 6 are not supported anymore. Already enrolled devices may continue to work but are not supported anymore and will not be tested for new releases.

Android “Device Admin” 01.04.2022 Deprecated

The Android “Device Admin” mode isn’t supported anymore since Android 10. Device Owner / Work Profile modes have replaced it for quite some time.

Therefore, the following changes will be made to the product:

  • It will not be possible anymore to enrol Android devices in Device Admin mode from April 1st 2022 on.
  • Devices that are already enrolled will continue to function, but only as long as a latest compatible client for this OS version and MDM mode is used.
Android clients older than 6.06 01.04.2022 End of Life

Starting on April 1st. 2022 we will no longer support Android clients older than 6.06.

We strongly recommend updating older clients to 6.06 or newer.

Android configuration “Device Encryption” 01.04.2022 End of Life

The configuration type “device encryption” is not needed anymore and will be removed from the product.

Windows 01.04.2022 End of Life

Starting on April 01st 2022, the support for Windows 10 desktops will be removed from the product.

As part of this process, the following configuration types will not be available anymore:

  • Windows device configuration
  • SCEP
IKARUS iOS MDM apps for iOS versions older than 11.3 01.10.2020 Deprecated

Since October 1st. 2020, new releases of our suite of MDM applications will no longer work with iOS versions older than 11.3.

Devices that have these apps in use, but are not capable of receiving an update will be able to use it until the certificate expires in the app.

There will be no support on these outdated apps from our helpdesk.

Note: The iOS MDM profile itself is not affected. This will still be supported on iOS devices running iOS 8 and above.

Should you have any questions about this EOL communication or need assistance in understanding the options available to you, please get in touch with your contact person or our support team


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