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Benjamin Paar, Senior System Engineer at IKARUS Security Software, about contradiction and the attraction of the old and the new.

Benjamin Paar

Benjamin Paar, Senior System Engineer at IKARUS Security Software

Benjamin Paar has been an integral part of IKARUS for more than 15 years. He knows all products, interfaces and features in and by heart. As a senior system engineer, he can answer any question about IKARUS services and has already tried every setting himself. He has already climbed masts during the installation of telephone lines, assembled and configured hardware, electricity and networks, and tailored customer solutions to their specific requirements.

But Benny Paar is also very familiar with IKARUS partner technologies. Smart end devices and industrial control systems have just as high a need for protection as IT – but completely different, sometimes even contrary requirements. “These small contradictions are part of the appeal and one of the reasons why my job never gets boring,” says Benny Paar. “On the one hand, we have solutions that have been successful for more than 15 years because they are constantly being adapted to new conditions: Features come and go, operating systems and benchmarks change, sometimes it has to be on-premise, sometimes it’s better to do it from the cloud. On the other hand, advancing digitalization and new developments in other industries give rise to entirely new threat scenarios. And so, we no longer secure only workstations, but also entire industrial plants!

IT security is one of the most exciting and also fast-moving sectors of the IT industry: “Every day I learn something new”, says Benjamin Paar: “Because even the other side never sleeps and invents new things to put us and the systems to the test!


Cloud-Services from IKARUS and FireEye
Trend-setting security technologies from the cloud: With IKARUS, you can save cost-intensive hardware purchases as well as previous technical knowledge. Experienced IKARUS experts help you to protect your endpoints, e-mail gateways, and mobile devices.

Transparency and Security in IT, IoT and OT
From the entry, the analysis and the utilization of data up to the planning of workflows, resources and costs – networked systems bring economic benefits and new knowledge to all business areas. The secret of a successful joint security strategy for IT and OT systems is to know their different needs.


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