Transparency and Security in IT, OT and ICS environments

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Digitization has not stopped at the industry either and has produced a series of new opportunities, perspectives and risks. From recording, analyzing and using data to planning workflows, resources and costs – networked systems bring about economic benefits and new knowledge for all business divisions: Management benefits from the measurability, controlling of transparency, logistics of automation, marketing of acquired knowledge… the opportunities and risks seem to be boundless.

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IKARUS managed.defense provides security, visibility and predictive maintenance for your IT, OT and ICS environments. The service integrates seamlessly into your existing systems.

IKARUS managed.defense is a modular security platform for the central security management of your IT, IoT and OT environments – from endpoints through networks and mail gateways to operational technologies and industrial control systems. You gain in-depth knowledge of the system, more visibility, early hazard recognition and rapid response times – including a wealth of global threat intelligence in the background.

»As an Austrian company with local resources, IKARUS is able to provide the best possible cybersecurity, visibility and predictive maintenance for IT, IoT and OT networks through its exclusive partnership with Nozomi Networks & FireEye.«

Christian Fritz

Member of Board, COO at IKARUS


  • Visibility and vulnerability management for IT, IoT and OT environments
  • SOC, SIEM and Logging Interface Module
  • Real-time protection and control for IT networks
  • Global Threat Intelligence with local service & support

NOZOMI Networks


Nozomi GuardianGuardianpowered by IKARUS

The convergence of IT, OT and IoT systems creates an entirely new world of technology. Sustainable cybersecurity requires holistic solutions.

  • Interactive network visualisation
  • Dynamic Asset Inventory
  • Monitoring of operationally relevant process variables
  • Dashboard and reports can be personalised
  • Real-time detection of threats, vulnerabilities and anomalies

FireEye Email SecurityFireEye Email Security

Strengthens the protection against targeted e-mail based cyber-attacks, by prioritizing important alerts and averting and containing security incidents on the basis of global detailed threat intelligence.

  • Blocks unauthorized access to your employees, data and resources
  • Protects against spear-phishing campaigns, attacks using false identities, unknown malware and SPAM
  • Individual classification thanks to in-house and e-mail specific threat intelligence
  • Accelerated countermeasures thanks to context information from incident response engagements


fireeye helixFireEye Helix

Acts as a security operations center for central threat detection and incident response management:

  • FireEye Endpoint Security with four separate engines
  • Protection against covert threats and accelerated threat defense
  • Security-relevant alerts with a reduction in the false positives ratio
  • Comprehensive global threat intelligence with substantiated analyses and expert insights




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