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Your Partner for sustainable IT security awareness

 Since 2002, etomer has been dealing with IT concepts, architectures, technologies and products as well as their integration into existing––mostly business-critical––IT environments. From a multitude of options (cloud? on premise? off premise?) and under close consideration of all requirements for scope, security or flexibility, etomer finds, designs and implements the right solution and connects it to existing worlds.

ISMS consultants support the integration of information security requirements as needed. Under the brand SECUTAIN, etomer sensitises employees to the handling of sensitive company data.


Reach people sustainably

Education is what remains when you have forgotten everything you have learned.”

– Werner Karl Heisenberg

The security update for your employees

With SECUTAIN at your side, you can establish, maintain and increase awareness of information security. Whether there is an urgent need for action, you would like to develop a data protection concept or an audit is pending – SECUTAIN will help you to meet your security requirements.

In the process, abstract terms such as cyber or security awareness are turned into clear instructions for action through vivid presentations by numerous experts. In this way, your employees not only lose their fear of contact, they also internalise topics such as the GDPR. In this way, your information security management gains a valuable resource of security through alert employees. In future, security-relevant situations will be managed on a knowledge-based basis and security requirements will be fulfilled quite incidentally.

Awareness training or an awareness platform thus becomes the core of your security structure and compliance with legal, regulatory or customer-related rules and regulations on information security is automatically increased.


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