IKARUS managed.defense: IT and OT Security in a dashboard

14. October, 2019

The most important topics of digitization include currently the integration and connection of the various divisions, above all between IT (Information Technologies) and OT (Operational Technologies). In a study published in 2018, Gartner predicted “major challenges”; many companies that want to digitize their production systems are facing these.

For efficient management, internal barriers in information processing for IT and OT must be reduced. A holistic architectural approach is needed, that addresses all aspects of the different departments in the best possible way.

Cooperation between IKARUS, FireEye and NOZOMI Networks

IKARUS managed.defense is a modular security platform tailored exactly to these challenges. Together with established IT and OT partners, IKARUS, as exclusive technology provider in Austria, offers a unique solution approach. FireEye’s traditional IT products are combined with NOZOMI Networks’ OT solutions to provide a complete IT / OT security service.

The result is a tailor-made protection with the technologies of the market leaders, implemented with local data processing in Austria and a highly motivated and qualified technical team”, says product manager Marcus Mayer. He explains that the different solutions work seamlessly together; “it is fascinating how efficiently the service works and how much data can be collected, evaluated and visualized in a very short time! “.

Schematische Darstellung des IKARUS managed.defense-Services, um das Zusammenspiel der Unternehmen und Produkte zu verdeutlichen

Austrian system integrator for international technologies

IKARUS managed.defense is a unique hybrid service for cyber security and incident response to predictive maintenance for your entire IT, OT and ICS environment. Through a transparent and modular design, safe and controlled merging of all structures into one central platform goes smoothly. Different operating models enable individually adapted combination of local installations with cloud services. The solution is characterised by the option of operating some of the services either on premise or as a supplementary service.

“Whether it is an endpoint in the IT network or a PLC in production, we can process all alerts and classify them in such a way that you will only be warned only for incidents that are relevant to you”, explains Christian Fritz, COO at IKARUS Security Software. As he notes, “Your added value with IKARUS lies in the fact that the systems do not send your data somewhere in the cloud to America, but we have integrated all hardware and services locally at our IKARUS data center in Vienna. All data remains in Austria”.

IT and OT services in a security dashboard

The result is a detailed overview of your infrastructure, devices, systems and protocols. As a non-intrusive solution, it enables you to detect unknown threats as quickly as possible and thanks to global expertise reduces security alerts to truly relevant incidents. This enables you to respond quickly and significantly reduce the risk to your business.

“ With IKARUS managed.defense, we are the only provider in Europe that, together with FireEze and Nozomi, offers a SOC / SiEM service for both worlds, IT and OT, in a security dashboard “, says Christian Fritz:” Due to local data processing in Austria, we also guarantee the greatest possible compliance with Austrian law.”

As a central point of contact, IKARUS provides individual integration and enables full onboarding within four weeks. A qualified 24/7 support in Austria offers maximum security and best service.

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Datasheet IKARUS managed.defense

Account Management
Indicators of Attack
Gefahren durch vertrauenswürdige Services
Threat Intelligence
SQL Injection
SMTP Smuggling
Cyber-Risiken in der Ferienzeit
Dynamische Cybersicherheit
Harmony Mobile by Check Point
EU Machinery Regulation
Sergejs Harlamovs, Malware-Analyst bei IKARUS

Plugin IdaClu accelerates malware analysis

IdaClu: IKARUS malware analyst Sergejs Harlamovs wins Hex-Rays plugin contest


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