FastDiff-Stream – Instant updates on emerging threats and outbreaks

10. February, 2023

Real-time threat detection with IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud

Every day, thousands and thousands of new malware samples are registered and spread via infected files, emails or malicious websites. Fast reactions to new threats are essential for an optimal level of protection.

Malware detection by hashes, signatures and behaviour

As an Austrian/European company, IKARUS offers clear advantages in the defence against regionally occurring malware and PUA (potentially unwanted application). The IKARUS Malware Scan-Engine detects malicious code through various multi-stage processes such as hash and behavioural analyses, which each file undergoes when it is downloaded or saved. It also extracts and continuously compares the file information with the current virus database.

The IKARUS technology for malware detection is optimised for efficiency, scalability and stability. It is able to handle any number of threads in parallel and is one of the most powerful systems on the international market. These strengths also distinguish our endpoint protection IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud. Speed and performance optimisation through machine learning ensure that the regular on-access analyses and on-demand scans are hardly noticeable and do not interfere with ongoing work.

FastDiff stream enables threat detection in real-time

With the new FastDiff stream, IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud reacts even faster to new threats and outbreaks by pushing instant updates on new threat information in addition to regular database updates. This enables faster detection of threats and improves the level of protection in real time. The feature can now be activated in the configuration profiles.

If you do not yet have a IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud licence, you can find information on the most important features and system requirements in the current data sheet. For more information and ordering options, please contact us at 0r +43 1 58995-500.

The IKARUS portal not only enables the central administration of any number of IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud-clients at any location. You can also centrally manage mobile device management and the email security solution with ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) for protection against targeted attacks here. Find more information on the IKARUS cloud services and free test possibilities at

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