Order and manage unbound S/MIME signatures via IKARUS mail.security

13. June, 2023

With the integration of S/MIME directly into IKARUS mail.security, IKARUS mail.security customers can use secure digital signatures more easily and flexibly than ever before.

Email security solution against malware, phishing and identity abuse

Digital signatures use certificates that prove the authenticity of the sender’s address to the recipients – or warn if the email address or contents of the email have been manipulated. They prevent the misuse of one’s own identity and attack scenarios such as CEO fraud.

IKARUS mail.security enables the use of recognised S/MIME certificates with just a few clicks and more flexibly than ever before: you simply order the desired number of S/MIME licences from us and receive them in our IKARUS Portal in no time. There you can conveniently manage your S/MIME licences.

Flexible management and assignment of certificates in the IKARUS Portal

  • The IKARUS S/MIME licences are not bound to specific e-mail addresses. You can assign the desired e-mail addresses yourself in the IKARUS Portal and adjust them as required at no extra cost.
  • The term of your IKARUS S/MIME certificates is set and charged according to your IKARUS mail.security license. The number of certificates is freely selectable and independent of the number of mailboxes you manage via IKARUS mail.security.
  • E-mails are signed directly when they are sent via IKARUS mail.security without any additional set-up effort. Therefore, signing is completely independent of the hardware or software used. If you do not yet send your e-mails via IKARUS mail.security, all you need to do is send a short request to support@ikarus.at.

Recognised certification authority and secure certificate creation

The IKARUS-S/MIME certificates are issued by the recognised certification authority Certum, which enjoys the trust of important international IT certificates such as WebTrust, TÜV, eIDAS and Adobe. IKARUS submits a Certificate Signing Request and takes care of the verification of the company and the email addresses. The private keys always remain secret and are not shared.

Existing S/MIME certificates can also be imported into the IKARUS portal for management. They are then used like IKARUS S/MIME certificates and therefore count as part of your IKARUS contingent but run under the conditions you set when you signed the contract and can be seamlessly converted into flexible IKARUS S/MIME licences at the end of their term.

Order your IKARUS S/MIME licences now

Order your IKARUS S/MIME licences now at sales@ikarus.at or via phone +43 1 58995-500!

The prerequisite for ordering is an existing IKARUS mail.security licence. The number of S/MIME licences is independent of the number of mailboxes managed via IKARUS mail.security. Your SMIME licences are delivered with the same term as your IKARUS mail.security licences.

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