Microsoft stops SHA-1 support – update now!

18. February, 2019

If you want to continue receiving system updates for Windows 7, you need to get your computer up to scratch by April 2019: Microsoft will no longer support devices without SHA-2 Code Signing Support. Support for Windows 7 ends in January 14, 2020.

SHA-2 is the generic term for cryptographic hash functions that are used for the secure transmission of encrypted data and are mainly used for integrity checks, storage of passwords and digital signatures.

SHA-2 replaces SHA-1, which over the years has become less secure due to increased computing power, cloud computing and known vulnerabilities. SHA-2 is considered a secure and recommendable alternative.

How to install SHA-2 Support?

In recent years, Microsoft has used both standards, SHA-1 and SHA-2, to verify that updates originate from Microsoft and were not processed “on the road”. In 2019, Microsoft begins the transition to the exclusive use of SHA-2.

Users with older operating system versions (Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 SP2) must install an update package for SHA-2 support by April 2019 in order to receive Windows updates in the future. For the use of other programs, an installation may be necessary before!

SHA-2 Code Signing Support: Update now!

The upcoming monthly Windows updates will include the SHA-2 support package. The security update (KB3033929) can be downloaded even earlier directly from the Microsoft website. All required root certificates are available now and in the future with the Windows 7 Certificate Revocation List Update (KB2524375).

IKARUS uses the SHA256 standard to securely and evidently transfer unchanged updates to databases or programs from the IKARUS servers to your computer . This provides you with reliably correct and secure data. If your device is unable to decrypt the SHA-2 certification, IKARUS anti.virus reports that it cannot connect to the service. This way, MITM attacks and malware injections can be actively prevented.

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