S/MIME Signatures via IKARUS mail.security

Release notes: smime

Release date 13. June, 2023

  • S/MIME signing implemented
  • Minimum TLS version 1.2 for routes enforcing TLS
  • Tables revised
  • Bugfixes/improvements

Use and manage unbound IKARUS S/MIME signatures

Lizenzen: Über das IKARUS Portal können IKARUS mail.security Kund*innen ab sofort offizielle S/MIME-Zertifikate des Anbieters Certum verwalten und für das Signieren ausgehender E-Mails nutzen. Die Lizenzen werden dabei nicht an eine fixe E-Mail-Adresse gebunden.

Licenses: IKARUS mail.security users can now manage official S/MIME certificates from the provider Certum via the IKARUS Portal and use them to sign outgoing e-mails. The licences are not bound to a fixed e-mail address.

Overview: Under mail.security > S/MIME you will find an overview of your available IKARUS S/MIME licences as well as their status and assignment to e-mail addresses. The overview contains all email addresses that have been created in IKARUS mail.security in an incoming route as a known mailbox. Mailboxes that are registered in a wildcard route are not displayed.

Reassignment: In the overview, you can activate or deactivate mailboxes for S/MIME with one click. After deactivating licences, they remain reserved for a two-week period and can then be reassigned as desired. If desired, third-party certificates can be imported and managed, which are then used like IKARUS S/MIME certificates and thus also counted towards the IKARUS contingent.

Ordering: Your S/MIME certificates are ordered via sales@ikarus.at. We transmit the Certificate Signing Request, take care of the verification of the company and the email addresses, enable flexible usage and billing models, and provide a simple administration option in the IKARUS portal.

Note: A prerequisite for signing your e-mails is that they are sent via IKARUS mail.security. If you do not yet send via IKARUS mail.security, please send a short request to support@ikarus.at.

Minimum standard TLS 1.2

For routes that enforce TLS encryption, TLS 1.2 has been defined as the minimum standard. For TLS versions below this, an error message is displayed, e-mails cannot be sent or received.


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