IKARUS mobile.management – Server – Version 6.11.xx

24. May, 2023

Server features and adaptions

  • Check Point Harmony integration was implemented.
  • Info: With 6.11 release, Android MDM client versions older than 6.09.00 are considered deprecated.
  • “Device connection (all tenants)” in Settings > Connections is now read-only for Cloud-based instances.
  • New column in “Assigned devices” report – also shows group memberships of the corresponding users.
  • Unique devices check during enrollment now also checks the existing work profile devices.
  • Added a condition in Operations that gathers matching devices that have any value of a selected custom parameter, not just a specific value.
  • Android work and personal calendar can now be connected using a restriction (requires server 6.11 and Android client 6.11 and only works with Android 12 or older. For Android 13, this feature will be added in 6.12)
  • For the IKARUS mobile.security client (antivirus), we are now showing the client version and database version in device inventory.
  • Added most important device information to device view headers.
  • Added Android MDM client type information to tooltip in device setup information.
  • Operations: Custom email subject field for “Create a report”-action added.
  • Settings > System > “Allow duplicated phone numbers” setting is now activated by default for all newly created instances.
  • Reorganized “Restriction”-configuration. Additionally, restrictions are now ordered alphabetically within sections in every supported language. More tooltips have been added.
  • It is now possible to schedule Work Profile enable / disable time on daily basis within a week.
  • Added functionality for installation of certificate-related certificates for missing Android platforms.
  • All configurable display fields of an iOS configuration profile are now using values defined in Settings > Apple.
  • Operations: a new condition “Supports Knox Attestation” is available.
  • A new custom parameter report has been implemented: Reports – Custom parameters – User-based CSV. This report can only be downloaded.
  • Updated “Licenses” view in Dashboard and changed column labels to better suited ones.
  • The “action_monitor” script in Operations > Scheduler can no longer be deactivated.
  • “Android Enterprise” option has been added to Infrastructure. The option displays a list of managed apps and allows adding, updating, and removing apps in one place.
  • Application – packages view was simplified – now also includes radio buttons for types of packages that can be added, and additional options now depend on type selected.
  • Simplified platform names in several places where labels were still using old texts.
  • New configuration type “Certificate Revocation” has been added. Allows to send a revocation command of an MDM managed certificate to a device.
  • Device Hardware information view now also includes Android Security Patch level information. Android MDM client version 6.11 is also needed.
  • Managed Google Play user account is now also deleted with MDM user deletion.
  • Improved handling of admin-access related errors.
  • Updated Force Connect action logic. Force connections that are triggered as result of other actions will no longer fill the device’s action history.
  • Device pool folders column added to Device Pool report.
  • Add tooltip to Always-On setting in Kiosk Configuration. Always-on setting works only when device is connected to charger through USB cable.
  • As MDM now maintains list of approved applications, it is now possible to approve all types of defined apps.
  • Autoassign feature for iOS was removed. This functionality and much more is covered with MDM Enabler concept.
  • Allow search and automatic addition of Android apps by Application ID. This feature is needed for webapps, as they cannot be searched in Google Play.
  • An update command can now be sent directly via the application list in Installations > Applications.
  • Additional filter for application lists in Reports. It is now possible to filter by availability of updates for listed apps.
  • Settings > Apple has been improved; manufacturer-related certificate information was removed from Settings. This information has been moved to the instance check page.
  • Additional information that was previously shown only in the tooltip is now also added to correct column in MDM operation history.
  • Scheduler jobs logging is now part of scheduler itself and can no longer be disabled. Because of this, the option was also removed from UI.
  • “Apple Freeform” is now available in MDM as system app.
  • The Play Store variant of the MDM client is now also shown in “Newer Version available”-condition in Operations.
  • It is now possible to always perform a full LDAP sync instead of incremental syncs.
  • Two new internal storage columns were added to “Assigned devices” report called “Flash (Total)” and “Flash (Free)”.
  • “Lock the device permitted” restriction was improved.
  • It is now possible to lock certain applications in Kiosk configuration – locked applications cannot be opened on device without a specified lock code.
  • Additional parameter was added to SecurePIM configuration.
  • Exchange configuration for Android / Samsung is deprecated. The option to use it is now disabled.
  • Updated button labels in “Application list” configuration to be more concise.
  • Visibility of Knox API version field is now independent from Knox state field.
  • Updated iOS enrollment, there is now one less step during enrollment needed on the device.
  • Added support for certificates that include other certificates. Additional improvements for audit log entries related to certificate management were made.
  • Add new restrictions “Disable 2G”.
  • Group filter icon in Organization > Users and Devices now changes color to green when groups are selected.
  • The IKARUS mobile.security database version is now available in device’s inventory, where applicable.
  • Updated scheduler: it is now possible to fine tune periodic execution for time spans longer than one day.
  • Dashboard view for “SIM Card Changed” now has “Reset SIM card changed status” button, both for individual entries and all entries at once.
  • Deprecated restrictions have been removed.


  • Fixed an issue with device status not correctly displayed.
  • Fixed missing instructions in SSP QR code enrollment.
  • Fixed a Scheduler script execution message displaying an error while execution was successful.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect next connection time stamp in connection log.
  • Fixed unnecessary requests for activation lock bypass code.
  • Fixed display of incorrect platform icons in Restriction configuration.
  • Fixed the display of pool devices in “SIM card changed” Dashboard warning.
  • Fixed an issue with commands been sent / not sent to applicable MDM client versions.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to send the Kiosk configuration to Work Profile / WPCO devices.
  • Fixed several cases when it was not possible to send application configuration together with app installation command.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate VPP app names.
  • Fixed missing country code in phone number display for eSIM.
  • Fixed Android Enterprise feedback channel issue.
  • Fixed an issue with missing German labels for install / update actions.
  • Fixed that the application form kept cached information.
  • Fixed an issue where iOS update options were visible on non-supervised devices.
  • Fixed that it was possible to approve APK files and apps from URLs.
  • Fixed that users with invalid EMM ID could not be deleted.
  • Fixed incorrect labelling in “App update whitelis / blacklist” restriction.
  • Fixed an Azure AD user authentication error.
  • Fixed a cut off display of Scheduler script repetition interval.
  • Fixed that work profile was not allowed as suggested / default enrollment method in SSP.
  • Fixed an issue that work profile devices could not be re-enrolled via SSP.
  • Fixed incorrect status display of SSP enrolled work profiles due to execution of the status job script.


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