IKARUS mobile.management – Server Version 6.12.xx

Release notes

Freigabedatum 28. November, 2023


Server features and adaptions

  • Info: With 6.12 release, Android MDM client versions older than 6.10.00 are considered deprecated.
  • Dual SIM support for Android and iOS has been added.
  • FIDO two-factor-authentication has been implemented in Settings.
  • Autolock: Updated order of options – related fields are now grouped together; some are only available when prerequisites are met.
  • Updated error message when terms and conditions in Apple Business Manager are not accepted.
  • iOS: “Remove MDM Profile” button now uses more concise language. Button is now called “Remove corporate data (MDM Profile)”.
  • Check Point Harmony: Updated all labels in IKARUS mobile.management UI.
  • Check Point Harmony: Updated filter for devices synced to Check Point Harmony Mobile.
  • Check Point Harmony: Added warnings to Dashboard.
  • Increased maximum page size for device pool.
  • WebApps can now be added with one click to Infrastructure > Applications.
  • iOS: Label for restriction option “Installing profiles and certificates” has been improved.
  • Google Play Store errors are now shown in Dashboard > Warnings.
  • Android: “Disable MAC address randomization” option has been added to “Access Point” configuration. Works with Android 13 and newer.
  • “IKARUS mm package verification” has been removed due to possible complications with device enrollment.
  • iOS: Added support for Rapid Security Response updates in “Inventory”, “Conditions” and “Actions”.
  • Improvement to Google EMM feedback channel in device history.
  • Added standard email format verification to E-Mail field in Settings > Apple > Organization Information.
  • Updated label text and translations in Settings > System > SecurePIM to a more partner-friendly message.
  • When uploading an APK in Infrastructure > Applications, the application name will be fetched from uploaded file.
  • Removed all Android icons and options from Exchange configuration due to it being deprecated.
  • Removed no longer needed GPS related option in Settings > System.
  • iOS: The device name can now be set.
  • Support for new SecurePIM parameters has been added to configuration.
  • Android: It is now possible to configure APKs via “Configuration for application”.
  • Added web push support to device action history – action history will now be updated automatically if any change is reported by the server.
  • LDAP: Added a missing clarification that role mapping is only mandatory for ASM-enabled instances.
  • Updated and clarified “Hide empty” option in “Configuration for application” – only works for application configuration fields that support “unconfigured” flag.
  • Updated “Licenses” view in Dashboard and changed column labels to better suited ones.
  • Android: Play Integrity implemented for all supported devices.
  • New functionality for Kiosk configuration – Now condition “Configuration is not installed or updated” in Operations also triggers if Kiosk configuration was updated on server side and if it is newer than the one currently reported by devices.
  • IKARUS mobile.security: Infection history is now also available for removed threats in Reports > Infected devices > Past view.
  • Added an information in device inventory showing APNs sent via IKARUS mobile.management.
  • Android: New Kiosk options to clear app data have been added.
  • Android: Kiosk battery icon color can now be changed.
  • Android: The server will automatically send the reactivation of the Managed Google Play account if the device reports that the account has been removed
  • Android: Option to disable the automated Google account sync has been added.
  • Added “undefined” status to all attestation filters in Reports.
  • Updated labels in some Samsung related configurations.
  • “OS update available” condition now also checks for Android devices.
  • “No MDM client connection for” condition has been removed, as it is not needed anymore. “No device connection for” condition is functionally identical.


  • Fixed an issue with the DEP sync.
  • Fixed an issue with “user” report loading longer than expected.
  • Fixed issues with various Knox indicators.
  • Fixed an issue with removing the MDM profile.
  • Fixed an issue with rarely occurring DEP token API exceptions.
  • Fixed an issue where data from different tenants were shown.
  • Fixed an issue with “Manufacturers” report and “undefined” status.
  • Fixed an issue with some values not properly displayed in reports.
  • Fixed an issue with ordering and unnecessary columns shown in “Samsung Knox devices” report when editing the view.
  • Fixed an issue with ordering and unnecessary columns shown in “Assigned devices” report when editing the view.
  • Fixed an issue with the QR code enrollment of iOS devices in SSP.
  • Fixed an issue when Android Enterprise was removed from instance but devices with Managed Google Play account were still trying to connect to server.
  • Fixed an issue with the Android security patch date being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with device inventory breadcrumbs. Now also should be updated when inventory fields update.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Network and Connectivity” tab was not shown.
  • Fixed an issue where no description was shown when an app was added via URL.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Conditional configuration”.
  • Fixed an issue with the Samsung Knox license type. Knox license type is now reported and displayed separately from Knox status in device inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the Roaming status was not updated properly on iOS devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Knox workspace license status is” condition also matched non-Samsung devices.


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