IKARUS mobile.management – Server
Version 6.09.xx

Release notes

Release date 01.09.2022

Important notes

Google has deprecated multiple Google EMM APIs. Due to these changes, it is no longer necessary to approve apps via Managed Google Play, as there is no longer a synchronization between it and MDM. The list of approved apps is now managed by the MDM directly in Infrastructure > Applications.
The “Managed Google Play available product set” feature for users was deprecated as well and consequently removed from MDM.


Server features

  • Selecting an operation or a configuration via the multi selector, now provides an option to copy it. This also works for multiple operations and configurations, but only for the currently selected tenant.
  • A timer has been added to control how long a work profile can be turned off by the end user before it will be turned on again.
  • Knox Attestation support has been expanded:
    • Attestation status in reports has been added.
    • Attestation failures are displayed in Dashboard.
    • “Unsupported” attestation status was added to conditions.
  • Application list improvements:
    • A scroll bar for the app list has been added to provide a better handling and overview.
    • Now, all iOS system apps can be added at once to an application list.
    • If an iOS system app is added to the application list, it will be removed from the addable pool of iOS system apps.
    • New iOS system apps have been added.
  • On Android, the “secure startup” can now be disabled for the next boot. This can be done via device “Actions” and it is valid for a set period until the next (re-)boot of the device. The device will then either be unlocked or reset to factory default.
  • Group import for the Azure AD sync has been changed to a flat structure. There should be no more child groups imported into other groups.
  • The CSV user import and export have been simplified. “Group delimiter” and “character encoding” are now hidden under the “more options” menu.
  • A new parameter for the Antivirus configuration called “enable security advisor” has been added. This controls whether the security advisor feature in the IKARUS mobile.security client should be enabled. The new IKARUS client version 1.8.52 is needed.
  • LDAP synced custom parameters will now be updated when changed in LDAP, based on submitted timestamps.
  • New features for the restriction configuration type:
    • A new filter option has been added to hide empty and/or not set values.
    • Platform icons have been updated.
    • Tooltips have been added.
  • Options to customize the default view for the device pool have been added to Settings > System.
  • The firmware history is now displayed in Inventory > Hardware on a device.

Minor adaptions

  • “USB media player” and “USB file transfer” restrictions are now combined into “USB media player”.
  • “Mount external media” was removed and will now be handled by “USB host storage”.
  • MDM client version will now be displayed for “deprecated MDM clients” in Dashboard. MDM clients with lower versions than displayed are considered deprecated.
  • Azure AD sync was changed to only sync “security” type groups.
  • The selected application list in a VPN configuration can now be directly opened via a hyperlink.
  • When deleting an Azure AD group, if the group is part of an operation, a warning with the name of the operation(s) in which this group is used will be displayed.
  • The Apple VPP Status in device details and reports have been unified. Now the corresponding tenant will also be displayed in reports.
  • A warning has been added to the address book configuration option “overwrite contacts” that explains the impact of activating it.
  • New parameters were added to the SecurePIM configuration.


  • The app description was missing when adding an app via URL in Infrastructure > Applications.
  • A misleading message was shown when locking an iOS device via Actions > Security > Lock.
  • The device “Actions” tab was not loaded when no app has been added in Infrastructure > Applications.
  • “Auto update policy” in device inventory was shown on iOS devices even though the feature is only available on Android.
  • The “Application categories manager” in Infrastructure was not visible for tenant administrators.
  • Wrong name format for configurations for applications in Actions and Installations > Configurations were shown
  • An issue where the device details of a pool device were not able to display custom parameters was fixed.
  • There was an issue with cached information when creating a new DEP profile that led to falsely checked options in the newly created profile.
  • The VPP token setup has been improved to be easier to navigate and understand.
  • Several issues with the “configuration” report have been fixed and improved, like removing configuration types from the filters or improvements of the configuration type ordering.
  • In some cases, the QR code for device enrollment was displayed without selecting the option.
  • Data field fetching for iOS devices in “Apple Device Enrollment Program” has been improved.
  • It was possible to delete globally defined custom parameters while being in a tenant.
  • “Configuration is not installed or modified” condition did not work for imported profiles on iOS.
  • Restriction option “profile state” was missing the “deny” option.
  • The editing of certificate manager entries was locked incorrectly. This has been adjusted.
  • Minor fixes and adaptations (layout, performance, and localization) have also been performed.


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