IKARUS mobile.management – Server
Version 6.04.xx

Release notes

Freigabedatum 1. March, 2021

Important notes

With the release of 6.04 the MDM 5 interface will be removed, and MDM 5 will not be accessible anymore.


Server features

  • Android
    • The size details of applications in devices’ application list have been removed as it was not possible to retrieve it correctly and often caused misunderstandings.
    • The enable / disable application functions have been improved and adapted to different management APIs.
    • On Android 11 it is now possible to lock / unlock the device via the “work profile on company owned device” = WPOCO.
    • On Android 11 it is now possible to set the password policy on the device via the WPOCO.
  • Apple School Manager
    • The ASM functionality has been implemented to the new user interface. A detailed description about the implementations and changes can be found in the release bulletin document.
  • New items for the Apple DEP profile have been added:
    • Skip Appearance
    • Skip Device To Device Migration
    • Skip iCloud Storage
    • Skip iMessage And Face Time
    • Skip Messaging Activation Using Phone Number
    • Skip OnBoarding
    • Skip Privacy
    • Skip Restore Completed
    • Skip Screen Time
    • Skip SIM Setup
    • Skip Software Update
    • Skip Update Completed
    • Skip Welcome
  • A comment field has been added to the Apple Push Certificate menu. It provides an option to enter your Apple-ID that was used for the creation of the Apple Push Certificate.

    Important note: If you lose this account or if you are for any reason not able to log in to the Apple portal to prolong your Apple Push Certificate, all devices must be re-enrolled with a new certificate.

  • The devices’ comments field can now be included to reports.
  • The device pool on global level now provides an option to use a tenant filter.
  • In Infrastructure > Applications the search settings for the application package are kept during a session. Therefore, it is not necessary anymore to always select e.g. device type and region, if several packages are added.
  • Application descriptions synchronized from the official App Stores are now translated according to the selected region.

Minor adaptions

  • The data protection option allowOpenFromManagedToUnmanaged in iOS restrictions has been improved.
  • Meteor push settings have been removed as they are not supported anymore.
  • The LDAP synchronization has been improved. It won’t stop anymore automatically if a group cannot be deleted correctly.


Customer tickets

  • Customer ticket 1392: Error when moving multiple devices.
  • Customer ticket 1423: Condition certificate is / is not installed does not work.
  • Customer ticket 1661: iOS App config was not available in the device’s action menu.
  • Customer ticket 1639: Wrong sorting in reports.
  • Customer ticket 1714: Issue changing password as administrator.

Other issues

  • The assignment of contracts to groups failed in several cases.
  • The option “Remove system application from work profile” did not work as expected.
  • The auto lock configuration did not work correctly on WPOCO on Android 11.
  • The reset auto lock policy command did not work correctly on WPOCO on Android 11.
  • An update of an MDM client from version 5.45.07 to 6.03.00 (build 388) in seldom cases caused errors.
  • Sorting by dates in tables did not work correctly.
  • A general web service issue in the contract’s menu has been fixed.
  • In the wallpaper configuration it was mandatory to add an image for the home screen, although this was not necessary.
  • Assigned contracts did not provide the link to the contract details as expected.
  • SIM card details were not reset if the edit process was cancelled.
  • The Exchange ActiveSync-ID was not saved for devices where platform was set to unknown.
  • The option to enable SSP was available for tenant administrators. This has been changed; now the SSP can only be enabled/disabled by a Super admin.
  • An issue has been fixed where an API error was shown sometimes when the UI language was changed.
  • Unassigning contract from all assigned groups was not possible.
  • The automatic naming for iOS / iPad OS devices was not working correctly.
  • Application configurations for iOS devices are now sent separately in a dedicated command.
  • The sorting of apps in the devices applications list did not work correctly.
  • In some specific situations, the installation of APK files to Android devices did not work as expected.
  • Sometimes contracts could not be saved.
  • LDAP and Azure AD groups were not disabled in global view.
  • Several minor fixes in the infrastructure report have been made.
  • Through the use of several VPP tokens it was possible that there were duplicated entries for iOS media.

Minor fixes and adaptations (layout, performance, and localization) have also been performed.


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