Efficient Virus Protection without System Slowdown?

Our malware scanner scores with both high detection rates and low resource consumption – see the independent test results!

IKARUS TestVirus App

Review and test the functionality of your Android security solution.

IKARUS on an international level

With more than 99.9 percent detection rate, IKARUS is amongst the leaders of 27 tested security apps.

VB 100 certification for IKARUS anti.virus

IKARUS anti.virus has earned the VB100 award again. Detection rate:100% in the WildList. And IKARUS anti.virus is certificated for Windows 10.

IKARUS in the Cloud

IKARUS now administrable via the cloud, the solution for companies with more android devices

Security as a service


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    The product will be installed in-house. You can decide between three different product variations: IKARUS, IKARUS and IKARUS

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    Concentrate on your core business and use the know-how, servers and staff from IKARUS for your IT-Security – Relay it to IKARUS!

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    With this solution, we pay attention to the best synergy between powerful hardware, stable software, good air-conditioning and a high-availability power supply and thereby offer you complete all-round protection.

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    IKARUS security.manager

    Provides professional protection from viruses, worms, Trojans, all sorts of Malware and SPAM. As a central management console for the professional protection of networks.

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    The award winning Anti-Virus solution for all Android devices, it protects your smartphone, mobile phone or tablet reliably from malware in apps and from the Internet.

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    IKARUS anti.virus

    The award-winning virus protection for Workstations and Servers allows you to identify, detect and delete viruses, Trojans, SPAM and all kinds of Malware.

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