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Katharina Feiertag, Software Developer at IKARUS Security Software, about old, new and particular.

Katharina Feiertag

In 2017 Katharina Feiertag found her place in the “Client Team” and started working on the company’s oldest product: IKARUS anti.virus, or “AV” for short. In the past, “AV” was called “VU”, which stood for IKARUS virus.utilities. It was IKARUS’ first security product and one of the first anti-virus programs worldwide. IKARUS anti.virus was created in an acute need situation out of a private passion: A customer reported a problem with the purchased software that turned out as a worm. IKARUS removed the malware – and from this time, IKARUS specialized in this area.

Katharina Feiertag has been a computer scientist since her school days. During her education, she decided to focus on IT security at every opportunity. However, software programming always played a big part in her life. At IKARUS, she found the chance to combine both areas optimally: “We work on different projects, use many different technologies, have a lot of freedom in the implementation and room for new ideas. Every day is different!”

However, the job only becomes perfect with the “right” colleagues:

“Every day there are new challenges, new features, interesting and at the same time demanding bugs and a lot to learn”, says Katharina Feiertag: “All this works very well in our team. We work very closely together and learn from each other. Everyone brings different experiences and knowledge to the team, so we can exchange ideas about everything. We work together on the projects and everyone does ‘everything’. Nevertheless, everyone has his or her specialty.”

What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to be a teacher for a long time before getting drawn into IT.

When and how did you discover your interest in IT and/or cyber security?

As a child and in my youth, I was interested in technology and mathematics and liked solving logic puzzles.

After the open day of the HTL Wiener Neustadt, I was immediately enthusiastic and knew that I wanted to go there.

How did you become a Software developer? What training, knowledge or experience was particularly helpful?

After graduating from the HTL focusing on “EDV”, I decided to study “Information Technologies and Telecommunications”. I also completed my Master’s degree in IT Security at UAS. My favourite school subjects and lectures always had something to do with programming, so after graduation, I looked for a job that combines IT security and software development and applied to IKARUS.

Which (professional and human) skills are particularly important in your current job?

In addition to technical skills such as programming skills and the use of a wide range of programs and tools, logical thinking, team spirit and communication, organisation and planning, and a lot of patience are essential.

What would you have liked to know about your profession earlier?

Software development does not just mean programming. Planning, organisation, testing and above all, communication are important. Furthermore, it is not only important to bring experience. You have to adapt to the projects, processes, working methods and colleagues in a company. There is not only the “right” way.

What do you like most and least about your job?

I like most because every day is different and every task requires other skills. But you often don’t know in advance how long it takes to solve a problem. Sometimes you spend the whole day analysing the problem and then “just” write a line of code. It can make you desperate.

What is special about your role as a Software developer?

You never know what’s coming, there’s not only one solution to a problem, and you never learn.

What do you think are good ways to get a foothold in the IT and/or cyber security industry?

It is crucial to have an interest and a basic technical understanding. In addition to the proper training, whether a HTL or an IT degree, you should always be up to date and follow the IT trends.

Why should someone apply to be your new colleague?

IKARUS is a great team with many different personalities. Especially in my team, we work with many other technologies and tools, which makes every day unique and exciting.

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