Christian Fritz


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Christian Fritz, Coo at IKARUS Security Software, about customer experiences, technology partners, and responsibility

Christian Fritz

With enthusiasm, Christian Fritz has been working since 2011 at IKARUS and accompanied the company on its successful international path. As Head of Sales and Marketing, he is specialized in recognizing and meeting requirements of the IT security market at an early stage. As COO, he now converts the corresponding ideas directly into practice.

IKARUS started as a small software company that soon became international because of the excellent technologies like the IKARUS Malware Scan Engine. However, the domestic market remains the main emphasis – here IKARUS scores with local data processing, German-language support, and the proximity to the customers.

Internationally, IKARUS is known in a wide variety of names and brands: in Japan with the major company ELECOM, in Germany with the partner company Securepoint or in Sweden with mobile security specialist MyMobileSecurity. IKARUS also has strong partnerships in the technology sector. Together with 7P, a highly professional enterprise mobility solution was developed. FireEye is a partner in the defense against targeted attacks and international threat intelligence. Nozomi Networks provides visibility and vulnerability management for OT and IoT.

“We don’t just want to satisfy our customers, we want to impress them”, says Christian Fritz: “We achieve this with clear goals and by taking pleasure in our work!”

What did you want to be when you were little?

Race car driver

When and how did you discover your interest in IT and/or cyber security?

During my time at Post & Telekom Austria, I discovered contact with the first security tools in the late ’90s, and I also found interest in them.

How did you become authorised signatory, member of the management in the function COO? What training, knowledge or experience was particularly helpful?

All. . . lifelong learning is essential. Whether university, university of applied sciences or MBA, everything contributed, and today allows me to see beyond the box.

Which (professional and human) skills are particularly important in your current job?

To identify technology trends, to know the market in which you operate and, above all, to position yourself as a market companion. It is essential to have many conversations and listen as much as possible. Most important, however, is teamwork so that at the end of the day, you can make the right decisions (together).

What would you have liked to know about your profession earlier?

Nothing. Because learning or making mistakes to learn is essential to develop further.

What do you like most and least about your job?

I can work with many colleagues and partners, and it is usually amusing to master current challenges. The least I like is to create or check contracts with 100 pages.

What is special about your role as authorised signatory, member of the management in the function COO?

The creative leeway that I have in my role and that I can rely on my colleagues to shape at all.

What do you think are good ways to get a foothold in the IT and/or cyber security industry?

If you also deal with security privately and if you want to understand, on the one hand, how security software is structured and, on the other hand, how attackers manage to circumvent solutions.

Why should someone apply to be your new colleague?

Because having fun working at IKARUS is essential and is on the agenda. And if you like the game “David vs Goliath”, IKARUS is just as right.

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