Switching from IKARUS security.manager to IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud

Optimised security, stability and performance

A central cloud service replaces the software-based endpoint protection IKARUS security.manager: IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud is the optimal successor and more flexible, faster and more powerful than ever. The web-based management portal guarantees the highest usability and compatibility and easily manages any number of licences and clients.

Your advantages with IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud

  • Central management of all clients incl. monitoring and administration of licences, versions, updates and infections
  • Location-independent integration of any number of instances and endpoints
  • Best compatibility with MS Windows, optimised for speed, resource efficiency and highest stability
  • Real-time virus alerts and flexible notifications for defined events
  • Informative reporting on AV status, operating system with patch status, updates, versions, and infections including a list of all infected files with path and virus name
  • Management of all IKARUS solutions for endpoints, mobility, email and web gateways can be done via a web interface

Upgrading from IKARUS security.manager to IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud is entirely free of charge and at no extra cost. In addition, long-term ISM customers receive a price guarantee: The next licence renewal is guaranteed at the price of your previous IKARUS security.manager licence.

Request your IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud licence now at sales@ikarus.at!

Please submit the serial number of your current ISM key (format: HF1234567). If you do not yet have an IKARUS cloud.security account, please also submit the email address that should be used to create your account.

IKARUS anti.virus Business 01

IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud protects and manages any number of clients and instances via a central management portal. The location of the devices is irrelevant, as communication is secured via the internet.

How to set up your endpoint management from IKARUS security. manager to IKARUS anti. virus in the cloud

Uninstall the existing clients and install the new client version. Integration into the IKARUS anti.virus portal is done via licence distribution.

Note to all existing IKARUS cloud.security customers: Please use the new web interface at https://cloud.mymailwall.com  for the administration of IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud!

Quick-Guide for larger networks

Via a Group Policy Object (GPO), the old version is automatically uninstalled when the client shuts down and the new version is installed when the client boots up.

FAQs on switching to IKARUS anti.virus in the cloud

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  • Why is the ISM being discontinued?
  • What happens to my license agreement?


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