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Attention: Please don´t try to open the APK-file on your computer, the App is just for mobile Android terminals!

IKARUS installation instructions as PDF.

Change the settings of your Smartphone/Tablet to tolerate Non-market-applications (you will find this setting at “Settings” > “Security”, but this can vary).

This setting should be disabled after installing IKARUS!

Send the APK-file per e-mail on your smartphone/tablet.
Open the e-mail on your smartphone/tablet.

Gmail will recognize the APK-file automatically and will suggest an installation by showing you the right button.
Click the Installation-button.
Android will show you a list with all pre-required rights. As a broad Security-App IKARUS needs those rights for accomplishing all functions correctly.

For example the anti-theft protection needs the right for using services/texts with costs to find out the correct place via GPS, to get the current Geo-data in case of theft or loss.
Click “Install”
Wait until the installation process is done.
Click “Open”
As soon as the installation is finished the IKARUS Security Software-licensing terms will be shown. Read and accept them to continue.
After the download of the virus data base you can choose one of these license models:

- IKARUS – version for free
- IKARUS – Demo version (for 1 month)
- IKARUS – full version (Upgrade with activation code/Google Play)
In case of an upgrade to the full version of IKARUS please enter the activation code.
When you are finished with the assistant, IKARUS can be used and you can check your mobile device of any infections.
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