E-Mail Security and Advanced Threat Protection

IKARUS with ATP detects and stops spam, malware, malicious links and zero day-attacks. Spam and malware outbreaks don’t have a stand – nor do targeted attacks.

Your interface to our scan engine

Effectively secure weaknesses in your web services: The IKARUS scan.server checks all file-transfers for possible infections, thus efficiently protecting from cyber-attacks.

Leading-edge Security Technologies from the Cloud

Protect your email and web gateways, WLAN hotspots and devices – from PCs to laptops and smartphones. Reliably, fast and low in maintenance.

Intelligent solution for mobile device management

IKARUS manages and protects smartphones, tablets or even notebooks against threats arising from malware, data loss or unauthorised access. TUV-tested and GDPR-compliant.

Security control for networks

IKARUS security.manager provides professional and simplified protection from a central management console for large businesses and enterprises of any size.

Looking for a challenge?

Are you curious, creative and willing to work independently? We are continually strengthening our development, QA and support team, offering a most interesting work environment.

Security SDKs for your software applications

IKARUS technologies are worldwide know under various names and brands. Use it for the protection of your infrastructure, as an additional feature of you feature set or for the development of new security products – the possibilities are endless!

Efficient Virus Protection without System Slowdown?

Our malware scanner scores with both high detection rates and low resource consumption – see the independent test results!


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    The product will be installed in-house. You can decide between three different product variations: IKARUS, IKARUS and IKARUS

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    Concentrate on your core business and use the know-how, servers and staff from IKARUS for your IT-Security – Relay it to IKARUS!



    A comprehensive MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution for all mobile devices in corporate environments. The service manages and protects your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets (or notebooks) from the latest threats.

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    IKARUS security.manager

    Provides professional protection from viruses, worms, Trojans, all sorts of Malware and SPAM. As a central management console for the professional protection of networks.

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    The award winning Anti-Virus solution for all Android devices, it protects your smartphone, mobile phone or tablet reliably from malware in apps and from the Internet.

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    IKARUS anti.virus

    The award-winning virus protection for Workstations and Servers allows you to identify, detect and delete viruses, Trojans, SPAM and all kinds of Malware.

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