IKARUS mobile.management – Server
Version 6.13.xx

Release notes

Release date 6. March, 2024


Server features and improvements

  • Info: With the 6.13 release, Android MDM client versions older than 6.11.00 are considered deprecated.
  • The Conditional Access feature has been implemented. This includes additional Settings, Operation conditions, actions and more.
  • Several changes have been made to achieve Knox Validated Program (KVP) certification.
  • Updated internal server information on available client versions.
  • Additional wipe options for Android 14 have been added.
  • New condition “No application from blacklist installed” has been added to Operations.
  • “Communication tools for online meetings” option in the SecurePIM configuration has been updated.
  • Apple Phone Stream options have been removed due to being deprecated by Apple.
  • Remaining HTC features and mentions in UI have been removed.
  • “Devices at risk” report has been improved with Checkpoint Harmony reported risk values.
  • Wi-Fi information can now be added to the enrollment QR code.
  • Removed Windows Phone functionality and mentions from user interface.
  • Small change to the Application page experience: regrouped options to be tied and displayed with the appropriate package platforms; options for different platforms are now separated and will not overwrite each other.
  • Microsoft Azure AD has been renamed to Entra ID.
  • Added missing functionality for cases when devices added via Android enrollment programs or CSV import did not create a log entry about device creation.
  • It is now possible to search for EID, ICCID and MAC address in Organization > Users and devices.
  • Kiosk configuration improvements.
  • Updated option list for SMS gateway.
  • It is now possible on global level to see the apps coming from a tenant app configuration.
  • Additional options for administrator permissions and roles have been added.
  • Removed delay after enrollment by switching to faster and more reliable asynchronous mode for Android connections.
  • Added option to remove Microsoft Graph/AD connection from Settings.
  • Custom parameter section in SSP is not displayed anymore as these options did not have any use cases.
  • The model list for Apple devices has been updated.
  • Added handling for cases when the webapp creation fails due to duplicate name.
  • Minor usability improvement for system update policy restriction.
  • Added an instruction text for the Boot Aware unlock option.
  • Removed Huawei specific functionality and its mentions from product. Huawei is treated and supported like a generic Android device.


  • Fixed an issue where item selection for Global AE configuration could include invalid items (from another configuration).
  • Fixed an issue with system apps not being sent to Check Point Harmony Mobile for risk evaluation.
  • Fixed an issue where CSV deletion did delete devices that were not included in the file.
  • Fixed a rare issue, where deleting a device during an operation on it caused an unhandled exception.
  • Fixed an issue where Samsung KNOX status on the device was incorrectly required for a KSP imported configuration to be available for installation.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Play version and “Newer version available” condition interaction.
  • Fixed an issue with the AppStorage view button being available on MacOS devices.


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