George Madarasz

International sales manager

Think big!

George Madarasz, International Sales Manager at IKARUS, about diversity, flexibility and insight Tipps.

George Madarasz

George Madarasz home is all over the world. He has lived and worked in Budapest, New York, Mexico City and Vienna. For IKARUS he has been working for five years in the USA, Japan, Dubai, Iran, Sweden, Switzerland and other parts of the world – at least virtually.

“I am fascinated by the diversity in culture and language and the different regional habits”, says George Madarasz: “To be able to advise clients optimally, it is important to understand their initial situation, their requirements and their goals”. This is where IKARUS scores with maximum flexibility. There are software solutions out of the box, managed security services from the cloud, or software development kits for all those who want to do things by themselves.

“The IKARUS Malware Scan Engine is also convincing in international comparison,” says George Madarasz: “Recognition power is only one aspect. Our products are particularly popular with OEM customers because of their stability, low memory utilization and the almost linear increase in performance”.

Another insider tip is the unbeatable performance on air-gap systems – IKARUS Malware Scan Engine does not require Internet access and is equipped for the highest security requirements.

Customer Stories

Every company has its own concerns, requirements and objectives. Read the success stories to see concrete examples of how IKARUS products and solutions can be used efficiently to protect your company, your devices and your data.


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