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Protection and Security for Mobile Devices
Email Security in Real-Time
Secure Surfing thanks to Content Security
Protection for free Wi-Fi Hotspots
Anti-Malware-Solution with Central Monitoring

Managed Defense for IT/OT/ICS

Industry-Leading Technologies for detecting and countering threats and securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT)

Malware Scan Engines & SDKs

Develop your own security products with a software development kit from IKARUS

»In addition to the innovative solutions, the difference between IKARUS and other providers is the great support, where the focus is on problem solving, not the processing of tickets

Andreas Puntigam, Head of IT Municipality of Bad Radkersburg

Transparency and Security in IT, OT and ICS environments

IKARUS managed.defense enables the central management of security incidents of your entire infrastructure – from endpoints, networks and mail gateways to operational technologies and industrial control systems.

fireeye helixFireEye Helix Security Platform

Take control of any incident from alert to fix

Nozomi GuardianNozomi Guardian

Real-time ICS Cyber Security and Operational Visibility

FireEye Email SecurityFireEye Email Security

Cloud-based secure email gateway

FireEye Managed DefenseFireEye Managed Defense

Managed detection and response (MDR) service that leverages the full power of FireEye

Powerful algorithm for complex malware recognition

The IKARUS scan.engine uses sophisticated and powerful scanning technologies to analyse all kinds of content. Its multi-architecture support includes Linux, Windows and Android platforms.

IKARUS scan.engine

The success of our customers and partners is also our success.

Success Stories

A1 Telekom

A1 Telekom

IKARUS Scan Center & A1 Hosted Managed Services

A1 have their own dedicated Treat Detection Center which gives them two major benefits and sales paths. The first is that coupled with their existing connection, mobile internet and mobile broadband users have the benefit of a centralised proxy filtering service. Based on the configuration and settings that A1 set, users can safely surf the internet via the transparent proxy solution.

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Cumulo – nimbusec website security monitor



Security for business webpages “Made in Austria”.

nimbusec is a monitoring platform that monitors webpages and online stores 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service informs webpage operators immediately if a webpage has been hacked or manipulated before the customers recognizes something is wrong.

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Synthesa Chemie

Synthesa Chemie

The Synthesa group distributes high-quality paints, varnishes, glazes, construction-chemical coatings, and materials for façade and insulation engineering and is today’s market leader in construction paints in Austria. Synthesa produces for the professional market, selling their products to commercial and industrial customers.

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We are looking for students, natural talents, nerds, career changers, team players – in short: everyone who is enthusiastic about IT security and has the appropriate knowledge and experience!
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Proven Quality

Qualified products, services and partnerships

VB 100

Virus Bulletin – VB100 Certification

In order to display a VB100 logo, the product must:

  • prove that it recognizes at least 99.5% of the malware samples on the WildList of the WildList Organization
  • generate not more than 0.01% false alarms, when scanning a large collection of “clean” samples
  • meet all these requirements with default settings in the VB test environment on two test platforms (most recently Windows 10 and Windows 7)

PCSL – Android Malware Detection Test

  • 99,9% detection rate and no false alarms – IKARUS mobile.security has again been awarded 5 Stars according to the PCSL Android Malware Detection Test.


AV Test

AV Test – Certified Android

  • 99.2% real-time detection of the latest Android malware
  • 99.6% detection of Android malware from the last 4 weeks
  • Does not impact the battery life
  • Does not slow down the device during normal usage
  • Does not generate too much traffic

TÜV – Trusted App for IKARUS mobile.management

  • Proof of compliance with security and data protection criteria

OPSWAT Gold Certified – Anti-Malware

  • Apps are tested according to lists of known malicious apps
  • Application installers and binaries are scanned by multiple anti-malware engines from the Metadefender Cloud and it is not allowed to be marked more than four times.
  • It must be possible to uninstall the app completely, without any further functionalities remaining in the system.

Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner

  • Expertise, competence and compatibility

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