Your interface with the IKARUS scan.engine

Effectively and inexpensively secure gaps and vulnerabilities in your online services: Use the IKARUS scan.sever to scan all file transfers thoroughly for possible infections, thus reliably protecting your web services against attacks.

Close security gaps in your web services

IKARUS scan.engine finds and analyses malware – that is, files displaying malicious behaviour – in almost all files and archives: The service detects both known and emerging malware and allows you to neutralise it before it reaches your servers.

»Use the IKARUS scan.server to automatically check all uploads for malware and other threats. The results of the malware analysis are output as an XML file and can be processed using any script languages. This way, attacks can be systematically fended off and infections can be cleaned up before they reach your systems or your data.«


  • Scanning of files (e.g. when uploading via web services)
  • Reactive and proactive malware detection
  • Result as XML response to request (VDB version, engine version, file name, status „clean“ or „infected“, signature name)
  • Regular automatic updates to protect against current threats
  • Compatible with all script languages
  • Provision of a Java library for easier operation, can be used with any programming language
Schützen Sie Ihre Web-Services mit unserer Virus Scan-API!


SystemanforderungenSystem requirements

Min. 512 MB RAM
Min. 1 GB hard disk memory
CPU: preferred Quad-Core-CPU or better, depends on the expected scan impact

Windows Server 2008 and higher (32 and 64-bit)
CentOS 5/6/7 (64-bit)
Linux: Debian and RPM packages (64-bit) are available
Internet connection for automatically updates
Administrator / root permissions

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