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Plattform Lifecycle Announcement

Release notes

Release date 13. December, 2022

IKARUS Security Software GmbH announces Technical End of Life and Support for selected types of mobile platforms and products by 7P Mobile Device Management Solution.

The IKARUS Security Software GmbH announces End of Life for following types of mobile platforms and products.


  • End of Life: the platform/product will be removed from 7P MDM and will not work any longer
  • Deprecated: the platform/product will no longer be tested and supported by SEVEN PRINCIPLES but might continue to work. Use at your own risk.

Android versions older than 8

Date: 01.07.2023

Description: Deprecated

Android versions older than 8 are not supported anymore. Already enrolled devices may continue to work but are not supported anymore and will not be tested for new releases.

Android clients older than 6.10

Date: 01.07.2023

Description: Deprecated

Starting on July 1st. 2023 we will no longer support Android clients older than 6.10.
Android clients 6.10 or newer cannot be installed on Android versions older than 8.

7P iOS MDM Apps für iOS Versionen älter als 11.3

Date: 01.10.2020

Description: Deprecated

Since October 1st. 2020, new releases of our suite of MDM applications will no longer work with iOS versions older than 11.3.
Devices that have these apps in use, but are not capable of receiving an update will be able to use it until the certificate expires in the app.
There will be no support on these outdated apps from our helpdesk.


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