Nozomi Networks accelerates digital change with revolutionary innovations for industrial IT security and operational control. As an industry leader, Nozomi Networks protects its customers against the increasing threat of cyber-attacks on corporate networks. A unified solution provides OT-Visibility, threat detection and operational insight for critical infrastructure, power generation, manufacturing, mining, transport and other industries.



Technology leader in the protection of industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT)

op-visibility-iconSuperior Operational Visibility

Accurately visualize your industrial networks and improve resilience with real-time asset inventory and network monitoring.

ICS-detectionAdvanced ICS Threat Detection

Rapidly manage cyber threats and process risks with a solution that correlates multiple, advanced detection techniques.


Rapid Global Deployments

Centrally monitor hundreds of facilities with a solution proven to scale across continents and integrate with IT/OT systems.

Nozomi Networks Solution Architectur


Nozomi GuardianNozomi Guardian

Secures Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and IT/OT-environments in real-time and makes your entire infrastructure, including weak points and hidden threats, visible and monitorable.

Transparency of IT/OT/ICS systems

Detecting cyber threats

Effective real-time response to ICS cyber threats and risks

Forensic services