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Partner of the Vodafone Group since 2003 and the major benefactor of all eight countries within the Telekom Austria Group, A1 is market leader in a highly developed ICT market. The company is the only convergent operator in Austria, offering its customers bundled product packages for fixed net, mobile communication, internet and TV. Telekom Austria Group, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since November 2000, is the leading communications provider in Central and Eastern Europe with 24 million customers across its markets of operations.


IKARUS Scan Center & A1 Hosted Managed Services

A1 have their own dedicated Treat Detection Center which gives them two major benefits and sales paths. The first is that coupled with their existing connection, mobile internet and mobile broadband users have the benefit of a centralised proxy filtering service. Based on the configuration and settings that A1 set, users can safely surf the internet via the transparent proxy solution.

The second is they have their own Managed cloud security solution, featuring mail, web and Wi-Fi filtering. Everything is conveniently managed via one web interface and all billing and provisioning systems are included which means A1 are fully independent to offer this solution to their clients.

Not only can A1 provide this solution to their enterprise business customers, but they benefit also from the multi-tenancy model. This means they can give certain admin rights to MSPs to manage their own clients, of course for an additional management fee, they can offer rebranded cloud solutions for channel partners, MSPs, end users or anyone who is interested. This certainly broadens the potential opportunities for A1.

Specialised Security Solutions for A1 and their Customers

The Solutions

The all-inclusive IKARUS solution is the most effective and efficient way of protecting businesses of all sizes from viruses, malware and SPAM before your network is compromised. IKARUS thoroughly checks every email for viruses, malware and SPAM before it reaches your mailbox or the intended recipient.

IKARUS is a dynamic solution that combines advanced security, full customisation and control to protect your network from attacks and malicious threats. All web requests are filtered by IKARUS, infected files are blocked and your network and confidential information remain uncompromised.

IKARUS perfectly secures users and providers of Wi-Fi networks. Highly configurable settings include: time based access control, download limit per session and web filtering options, ensuring that you remain in control of your business. The Brandable landing page is based on your configurations and design.


IKARUS Re-Branded End Point Solutions for A1

A1 Internet Security

Based on the core technology offered by IKARUS anti.virus and the dedicated Scan Center of A1 as a centralised proxy solution, all mobile broadband customers were able to safely surf the internet. This is made possible by the traffic scanning based on the A1 configuration and the configuration of the customers being done centrally, before it reaches the PC. This technology, along with the award winning virus-scanning technology from IKARUS, offers double protection for all users. IKARUS was awarded the prestigious Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2008, under the category “Service Security Innovation” for the A1 Internet Security solution.

A1 Mobile Security

A1 wanted to offer smartphone protection for their customers. Together we came up with A1 Handy Schutz. This Androidbased solution also benefits from the dedicated Scan Center solution, but also from device-level virus scanning. This solution offers a clear value-add, offering double protection for smartphone users. Especially due to the recent statistics of Android market share and mobile malware (Available on request from your IKARUS Sales Manager).


Benefits & Advantages…

… Of working with IKARUS:

  • We have 29 years of market knowledge and experience
  • We are privately owned, this means we make our own decisions, quickly and dynamically than our competitors
  • Our core technology is self-developed and we are proud to achieve excellent results from independent tests
  • We are strictly bound by local law around data protection. We are not obliged to share client information with national or foreign government agencies

… For ISPs

  • Utilise not only the best-in-class core technology from IKARUS, but our extensive experience from A1 and other independent ISPs
  • Offer to your business and consumer clients a range of value-add products, provided by IKARUS but re-branded into your own brand to build your portfolio
  • Using the centralised proxy solution, you can define your own rule-sets for internet clients, securing them from malicious or harmful websites
  • The ability to offer to your distribution channel/MSP partners a re-branded version of IKARUS to enable and build their channel and client network

… For the channel:

  • Re-selling high quality solutions, direct from the local ISP with their branding
  • Gain access the “sub admin interface” which allows you to set up and manage your business clients
  • Or even have your own cloud solution from your local ISP in your own branding that you can offer direct to clients or via your channel
  • Convert clients to the cloud with high security, availability and reliability with existing infrastructure

… For the customer:

  • Utilise not only the best-in-class- Use the powerful platform (IaaS and SaaS) and high quality provided by IKARUS to secure your business
  • Configure your own settings, or have a managed solution from the ISP or an MSP partner
  • Full and professional support from the ISP or your local partner
  • Secure, reliable and highly available service
Dr. Reinhard Zuba, Telekom Austria Group


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A1 Telekom Austria AG

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Dr. Reinhard Zuba, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Telekom Austria AG


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